Thursday, February 26, 2004

YESS YESSS YESS I win again!!! The big BWB Awards have FINELY come out and I win AGAIN!!! I THREEPETE!!! YEss I am the only one EVER to threepete for this awesome award!! If you dont belief me go and read they official web page it is right here!!


Read it!! It tells you right there how I won!!! Yessssssss!! In you faces espn.com and cnn.com and all the other LOOSERS who looser websights lost out to MINE for the biggest Award of all!!!! Hawhawhaw cram it in you faces!!!!!! Yessss!!!!! I rule!!

Congradulations to all the other winners who are all very famous and are champions and superstars like England Patriats and Bill Bellyshack and Fitty Cent and the other AWESOME people who won!! You are all very lucky to win these big awards like me!!! WE RULE!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

YESSS YESSS YESSS WE GOT AROD YESSSSSS!!!!!!! Hawhaw this is awesome and the BEST thing that ever happen we got Arod Rodregez who = the BEST player and MVP of all except for Jeeter!! And all we had to trade was the looser Soreano who sucked anyways and never won anything what a steal YESSSSSS this is AWESOME!!!! Yankees are BACK baybay!!! Look at all our CHAMPIONS now we are full of them! We have Arod and Gimabi and Kelvin Brown and Moosina and that new Mexican pitcher from Cananda and Shefeild and all the rest of our CHAMPIONS who will be dominate this year just you wait this RULEZ!! And plus allso in addition we get to keep the great Derrick Jeeter who will be our shortstop because he is our Captain and Leader and is full of entangables! So Arod Rodregez will have to move to third base so we will have the BEST infeild of all TIMES! Plus we have Matt Sui the Chinamen and James Loffton in the outfield and Horgea Pussada to be catcher man and all the other superstars who RULE this is the BEST team that ever played it is going to be great to watch I cant wait untell the season starts I am so pshyched I might even watch a couple games beffore the playoffs this year! Baseball is borring and the only fun time to watch is playoffs but this year I might watch a couple games just to see us win 50-0!! FINELY Stinebrender is back to spending the big bucks to win I am so sick of him cheaping out and not getting superstars but he FINELY did it! So face it Torry you have superstars at ever position on the lineup so you better WIN! We are so sick of you loosing and you excuses well you have NO excuses now boy win or get FIRED!!! Any foole could take this team with Arod Rodregez AND Derrick Jeeter and win ever game by 10 runs I bet even Graty Littel the Red Sox foole manger could win it all with all these SUPERSTARZ so you better get the job done Torry or else you will be FIRED and I will be the first one calling up the radio to tell everone how you suck and are stupid now!!! So win or ELSE!!!! GO YANKEEESSS YESSSS!!!!!!!!!

Yo dawgs what is up!!! The big BWB awards are about to come out and everone who is famous is getting all pshyched to see who will win this time! And everone want to know if I will be the ONLY person to EVER win three straight BWB awards! That would be unreal for me to THREEPETE like that because on account of how I allready won TWO times in a row! So if I win again that would be THREE!! I would be the only threepete EVER!! WOW!! So anyways go and check out the official page of the awesome BWB awards which are the best nd most famousest ever and are REAL and not fake! Here is the web sight!

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Yo today is AWESOME because today is when MVP TOM BRADDY gets to get his new Cadillack for being MVP!!! This RULEZ because Tom Braddy is the BEST player of all times in any sport EVER!! Dident you even see him win the game last night!! He won the trophy plus allso in addition he won the MVP award and allso they give him a hot new Caddie so he can drive around and cruise the chicks with the top down! He could drive right up to She-booms parking lot and not even have to go inside the club he could say Yo hot girl do you know who I am I am Tom Braddy now get with me right now don't you want to see my Super Bowel ring baybay!! And all the girls would do it because he is CHAMPION and awesome!

And then Tom Braddy would start to wrap like this he would go "Go, go, go, go-go, go, go shortie, it's your birth-day we going to partay like it's you birthday we gonna sip Bickardi like it's you birthday
And you know we don't give a whoot cause it's not you birthday! You can find me in da club, bottle full of Bud, Mama, I am so smart and I am full of love!
I'm real good at having sex, Plus allso making love
So come give me a hug if you into getting rubbed!!
I'm feelin' all focus in, my money on my mined, I got a million dollers and I am CHAMP and I'm still on the grined, Now shortie said she feeling my style, she feeling my floe, her girlfriend say goodbye and they ready to go!!! My floe, my show, it brung me the dough that bought me all my fancy things, like my crib, my cars, my cloths, my jeweles!! look dawg I done came up and i ain't change!!!! Yess!! Yo holmes I ROCK out in da CLUB!!! "

And then Tom Braddy would do some break-dancing moves and all the girls at She-booms would be on his jock it would ROCK I cant belief you playa hatas are all so jealous of the greatest Hero of all sports!! That is Tom Braddy!!!!!! He is a HERO so he would rock out and knock boots with all they girls just like I do!!! When I am not too buszy or when they girls are not all stuck up or all into theyselfs! But anyways Tom Braddy RULEZ and PATRIATS RULE CHAMPS AGAIN YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 02, 2004

YES YES YES!!! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS AGAIN WE RULE MY PATRIATS KICKED ASS AGAIN HAWHAWHAW IN YOU FACES I CALLED IT ALL YOU COCKY BRAGGERS WHO SAID CAROLINA COULD STAY WITH MY PATRIATS ARE FULL OF IT I WAS RIGHT AND YOU WERE WRONG MY TEAM WINS IT ALL AGAIN!!!!! I am so pshyched up I have been waiting so long for my Patriets to FINELY win it all again and now we did it is the best feeling in the world to be a champion like me and to be a part of a Super Bowel champ team!! Unreal this is the best day ever I am going out to light up some trash cans on fire and flip over some cars because that is how we partay when our PATRIATS win it all we are hardcore and we partay hardcore and smash windows and flip over cars and start fires because our team WON and is CHAMPS and yours is not this is the BEST and RULEZ!! I knew Vinnyterry wouldent CHOKE again and would stop being looser and I knew Braddy would be Mister MVP again and I called it how Bellycheck would tell his team to go and get some more points and win the game!! And they did! It was awesome holmes did you see how my team won the big game!! YESSSSS!!!!! Allso the halvetime show was the best of all times when Justin Timberland ripped the cloths right of of Jannette Jackson I saw it myself dawg she got naked and nude right on TV it was the awesomest thing I ever sawe in my life! You could see her knocker right there right on TV no fake I swear it is true!!!! Unreal that was so awesome and the best part of the best game EVER!! Allso Eminam came out and sang his song "I'm A Cowboy Baybay" which rocked and kicked ASS and wow what a awesome day this is the greatest thing that ever happened I RULE!!!!

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