Friday, August 27, 2004

I told you all how we were Number #1 but none of you would listen to me well now look at you! You look like a foole because USA just kicked the ass of Mexico and won the big Olympic baskeball gold metal!! Like I called it! What do you have to say NOW! Nothing! Thats what I thought! How DARE you people question the great champion Allan Iyversen who kicked ass and won the big game! I knew we werent even trying in the practice games last week! Those games dont even count why would NBA superstars even try verse these french and german scrubbs when there isent even any money to win! Dont you even know NBA is all about the BLING yo we dont even care about anything else! So when the gold metal was on the line NBA kicked ass and showed those punkass Mexicans how we do! And we WON and got in they faces and grabbed our junk and said WE ARE THE NBA CRAM THAT ONE MEXICO YOU SUCK AND YOU ARE LUCKY WE EVEN LET YOU PLAY WITH US WE MAKE ALL THE MONEY AND YOU MAKE NOTHING SO CRAM THAT ONE BEEYOTCHES!!! And we did and now we RULE I cant wait to see my NBA faverites get they gold metals it is going to be awesome I bet the Great Lebaron James and Iversen and the rest will hold up they gold metals right in the TV camara and beat they chest and make faces for the camaras and grab they junk and tell the rest of the world to kiss the NBA ass right there on the poteum where they hand out the metals it is going to RULE and kick ass it is going to be the best Olempyc moment of all times! Cram it foreiners!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Yo it is pretty borring in the sports right now nothing is going on it is the borring part of the year with nothing going on to talk about! They aught to have some sports going on now but all they have is looser base ball which is full of nothing exscept my Yankees who are taking it easy untell the World Serieses where they will whup my second faverite team which is Cardnels! So who cares! And foot ball hasent even started yet! Exscept for the practice games but they are borring and dont count and are fake which you can tell by how my Patriats who are NATIONAL CHAMPS let crappy looser Bangals win the other day! Patriats are CHAMPSIONS and they know how pretend practice games dont even count so they dident even try it is just another example of how Bill Billyshack is a Genious and the best Coach of all times! So there is nothing else going on in sports too bad there isent some big tornymint going on somewheres with a bunch of awesome athaletes going for the championship in all the sports that would be awesome and rule why dont they do that! Maybe next year someone will FINELY listen to me and put out some kind of big tourneymint like that for the borring part of the year of sports! Why dont they do it why is everone so damn dumb exscept ME!

Yo what is up the big news is how Drew Kerry is a big flippy flopper LIER! He always brag on how he faught the Viat Nam war well now the TRUTH comes out how he really wasent even there and he shot himself and it made his heart turn purpel and so they gave him a bunch of metals for it! What a fake! You wont catch President George "W" Bush getting fake metals for fighting in Viat Nam will you NO! Kerry aught to be ashamed of himself he is a desgrace and a looser I seen on the news how his buddys from the war who drove boats very swiffly are so mad at him that they are going on TV to tell the TRUTH which is Drew Kerry is a big lier and faker!! Unreal where did they get this guy from Fake Town! Is he the Mayer of Fakeachusets or something! Unreal what a looser I hate him so much why does he lie all the time and why do you chumps fall for it! I have NO respect for liers and fakes so go back to Russia where you came from Kerry! With Rodger Moore too! You probaly love him he is you BOYFREIND you faker!!

Yo I just made ANOTHER awesome part of my web page it is the linker thing over there that you click on and it will take you to my AWESOME breaking sport news page that has breaking news and scores and updates and is up to the minuet and awesome and is just ANOTHER thing I do to help you people out from the goodness of my hearts!! Your wellcome!! I aught to get another great award for adding this to my website because it makes my website even awesomer and now you all know to come right HERE for ALL sport info and incite in the world!! I am so much better then those loosers at ESPNN they are so jealus of me!! And yo where is my damn money! I been making a awesome website on the inter net for YEARS now and still havent even made a million damn dollers off it yet! This is a jipp and a ripoff! Everone makes a million dollers off a website! Or else why even do it! I have the best and most awesomest page in the world so where is my damn money! I do all this for you people for FREE and I get nothing to show for it except fame and popularety and a big pile of awards and a bunch of people saying how awesome I am! But wheres my damn MONEY!! I need to figure out a way to get rich off this website because it is my RIGHT because it is MY website and I give it to the whole damn world so where is my money I gots to get PAID! So if you are a smart computer guy out there send me a email and tell me how to get rich off this website I am not some chump who works for free I am KING AWESOME DAWG MAN dammit give me some money! Your wellcome!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Yo dawgs what is up G! I been checking out the latest movies latley because sports is all in the borring times when it is just looser base ball to watch! So anyways the point is that the new movies are AWESOME! Last week I went and seen this movie by that Emnight Shalamalamaman guy what made that movie where Bruce Willes is dead and the little kid sees the dead people that ruled! And his new movie was good it is about this village where these people in olden times live and in this village they are near the woods but no one ever leaves the village and everone in the village wears olden days cloths and some people want to leave the village but the boss of the village says no way and so some of the people in the village leave the village anyways! I cant remember what the name of the movie is I think it is called Stay Where You Are in Olden Days or something like that! Anyways it was a good movie for a brainiac movie! But then I seen the new Tom Cruz movie and it ruled even more! He plays this asskicking guy and he have to deal with a bunch of trouble and nonsince and rides a taxxi with Jamey Fox and then kills people! It rules Tom Cruz is always a good actor you can tell because he always plays the best person in the movie and he always wins! He ruled when he was the best pilot guy in that pilot movie and then he was the best bartender in that cock tale movie and then the best car racer in The Day the Thunder Died and the best cool guy in It's Raining Man and is always the best in everthing! That is why he rules and kicks ass he doesn't play any loosers or chumps! Thats why the girls all love him and think he's hot! He's just like me! Allso the next great movie to come oout is Aliens verse Predater!! This is going to rule it might even be as good as Freddy verse Jasson last year! Anyways Predater is going to kick ass oviously because Arnold Shwarznegger and Appalo Creed and Jessey the Body Vantura all fought Predater but only that Saghorny Weaver girl with the big teeth fought verse Aliens! So you see who is tougher! Predater!!!!! Predater = Number #1 and kicks the most ass! Movies are AWESOME!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Yo I just heard how USA lost in baskeball to ITILY in the Olympecs!!!!!! UNREAL!!! Dont they even know who we are!! How can the USA loose to Itilay in baskeball!!!!! Unreal what a desgrace FIRE THE COACH NOW!!!! This looser coach cant even beat Itilay!! ITILAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Unreal I reffuse to axcept such nonsince and crap! FIRE HIM NOW!!! I could take USA and coach us to the damn gold metal by 100 points it is easy we only have to play a bunch of forieners who dont even know what a baskeball is! Our players can outdunk on ANY other team in the world and can grab our crotches and scream in you face punkass beeyotch better then ANY team anywheres so what is the probalem! I will tell you it is COACHING! Why did they let these other loosers take any shots all of the shots need to be took by the Great LeBaron James and the Great Alan Iversen! No one else better shoot in any other games them other chumps are there to pass the ball to the SUPERSTARS they need to know they place and not shoot unless it is a DUNK and then they can do a 370 windmell jam and get in all the foreiners faces and scream I AM IN THE NBA PUNK!!!!! Then we will show them all!!! Allso they need to take USA off they jerssys and put NBA on there instead then these jive turkies from Itilay will know that they have NO CHANCE against the awesome NBA!! They will know that everone on OUR team gets millions and millions of dollers to dunk the ball and they get nothing!!! Haw cram that one foreiners!! Allso why is this team got so manny scrubs this is what the stupid coach gets for not picking Shack and Cobey if you ever put them on the same team you would NEVER loose but no we had to take scrubs instead how STUPID!!! This whole thing is a desgrace!! Wel who cares I hate the Olympics anyways and no once cares and they dont even get any money so how do you expect the NBA to do anything if there isent any money! ITILAY SUCKS AND CHEATED AND THE REFFS GAVE THEM THE GAME!!!! FIRE THE COACH!!!! Who cares anyways!!!

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