Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Yo I just read the best sport artical of all times!! It was writen by the great Dick Vital and it talks about how JayJay Redick from Duke is just like Arod Ramirez of Yankees!!! They are best friends and just alike and they both do all kind of charety work for the poor kids who are starving I bet thats more then any of you ever did you all aught to cheer for JayJay and buy his jerssey and wear it around because of all his work to save the poor starving children!! Anyways Dick Vital talk about how they are both allike and the same kind of player even though they play diffrent sports and hwo they are both Clutch Men who allways WIN and how they both have wom the CHAMPSIONSHIP so manny times!! It is a great artical and shows how to write about sports why arent there more good articals like this!!! Because everone else who writes about sports SUCKS except for me and Dick Vital!! Go and read it now!!!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Yo there is lots of BIG news!! First of all the BIGGEST news is that I have a new PREEMIUM board on my massage board that is only for insider members! And you have to PAY!!! Evertime you go to that board you owe me ten cent!! It is so worth it because it has manny great insider postings of secret information that you wish you could of known about but you dident untell you went there and now you owe me ten damn cent!!! Go and check it out you wont be sorry!! Allso the other big news is how other massage boards SUCK!! I went to these other massage boards to try and tell people about sports and explain facts that they dident know and they are so stupid and ungreatful that they all ATTACK me personally! Unreal why are people so damn dumb and ungreatfull!!!
Go and look at these massage boards and how dumb they are and then you will want to come back to MINE which RULES and is so much better and you will want to laugh at the stupid people over there!! its true look!!!!


Wow they are dumb and cann't handel the FACTS that I give them why do people hate the TRUTH so much!! The FACTS are that YANKEES RULE and the TRUTH is that PATRIATS are CHAMPS!!!! Wow are they dumb over there!! Trust me you dont want to go there you want to go to my massage board instead!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Yo this was like the best week end of sports in a long time! Like a week! At least! It was so awesome first my CHAMPION Yankees SWEEP looser choker Redsox and kick they asses!!!! Hey Redsox you SUCK you are chokers and you are all CURSED by the great Babe Ruth!!! So give it up now why dont you QUIT!!! Second my awesome Patriats kick ass AGAIN and win like they 40th game in a row!! It is unreal how great we are! And my collage foot ball team WORLD CHAMPION USC wins again and is undeffeated!! Wow!!! All you jealous playa hatas must be crying in your tears now you LOOSERS!! No wander you so JEALOUS of me and my champion teams!! You wish you could be a fan of these teams but you CANT!!!!! You are stuck with jive turkie LOOSER teams that SUCK!!! HAWHAWHAWHAWHAAW!!!!!! I love it everthing RULES and is the best I am a winner and you all LOOSE!!!!!! I WIN AGAIN I ALLWAYS WIN!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Yo the big news in the world of sports is how I got all tore up drunk last night watching the Monday Nite Foot ball! Wow it is so awesome to FINELY have that show back on! I tell you what I ready for some foot ball! Do you know what I am saying G! That is a funny joke because the fat guy in the hat who is really Boseefus really its him I seen him on one of his tapes allways come on singing about are you ready for some foot ball! And I all ways am! So I get all pshyched when Bosseefus start yelling that song! So anyways the point is they allways have the 10 cent hallowpina poppers down to the Dew Drop for Monday nite foot ball so you better know I was down there eating up some damn poppers and drinking up beers they have dollar drafts of budlite there on mondays so I got so damn drunk you wouldent even belief it! Monday nite foot ball is the BEST! Me and my cousen peewee drank like 20 beers and about a hundered halowpina poppers and we was yelling and jumping around and hi-fiving because we like to PARTAY and have a good time and we love the foot ball! So anyways the green team was playing some blue team and I knew right away how the green team was going to kick ass and I told everone all about it! Some LOOSER in a blue foot ball shirt allmost wanted to fight me but lucky for him the bouncer told him to shut the hell up or he would throw us all out! That guy was lucky I would of kicked his ass bad! Anyways I dont remeber who won the game I think green team won but who cares the point is we got all tore up and had a awesome time and I think I am banned from Dew Drop now but I dont remeber but dont worry I know Tonya the waitress down there I will get her to get me unband in time for next monday nite! SO the point is Monday Nite Foot ball is BACK and it RULES it is the best time of all! I am going to go call in to work and take the damn day off because I must of got sick from them poppers who knows what they do to the food down there they are a bunch of lowlives and I wouldent even waste my time and money down there except its only ten damn cent for a halopina popper how can you beat that you cant! So take it from me you only want to go to the Dew Drop on the Monday Nite Foot ball nites the rest of the time it is looser and sucky and full of trash with blue foot ball shirts on from some looser team that stinks and sucks and my Patriats would kick they ass! But its good on mondays ten cent for a popper you cant beat that and only a doller for a budlite come on! Thats why monday nite football is the BEST and rules!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I TOLD YOU ALL THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!!! Go and look in my arcive and you will see how back in Aprill I told you all how stupid Joe Torrey would screw up the Yankees and he should be FIRED!! Go and look you will see how I said "listen to me Stinbrender if you are reading this I am SICK of you setting on you lazy butt and not making moves! Go out and fire some people and make some trades NOW!! These players all SUCK they dont even desserve to play for the great Yankees fans best in the world we desserve CHAMPIONS and WINNING and I reffuse to axcept this losing crap!!! I REFFUSE!!!! BOOOO to all you looser Yankees!! BOOOOO!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Lucky for everone that Stinebrender listed to me and went to yell at Joe Torrey and tell him to do what I say and of course Yankees won all they games and went to first place by like a million games! But now that JERK Torrey is coaching all STUPID again and not listening to me and now look what happens! They loose to Cleavelend 20 to NOTHING!! Unreal what a desgrace! And even the looser Redsox are not even that far behind they are probaly only 10 or 12 games behind now whixh STINKS because Yankees are going to have to try for a week or two untell they clintch the playoffs! These superstar players do not like to have to try late in the season they need time to rest up and practice for the World Serieses they dont have time to mess around trying against the like of looser Cleavelend! But now look! LOOK!!! Because of dumb Torreys dumbness now they have to try! I REFFUSE to except such failure and choking and looserness! TORREY NEEDS TO BE FIRED NOW or else Yankees might not even win the championship this year! I am serious it could happen! Yankees always win it ever year but trust me if this foole doesent get FIRED and doesent go back to doing what I say then they wont win!! Really! Look at what I wrote back in Aprill its all true and I was right and I called it! I told you al but you dident listen and now look! LOOK!!! Base ball is borring anyways and I love Cardnels best anyways but I am telling you Stinebrender you better FIRE this looser NOW I have HAD IT!!! Allso the ummps cheated verse Yankees last night again like they always do! No wander they lost you cant win with a CHOKER for a coach and reffs that CHEAT against you! No way it cant be done! So the point is that TORREY MUST GO NOW!!! And I told you all it would happen! And that its foot ball season anyways and who cares about looser base ball!! No one!! I TOLD YOU ALL!!!

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