Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Great Eminam has a AWESOME new song out and it is called "Just Loose Youself" and it is the best song of all times!! I seen the vidio and he is so awesome he punks out Micheal Jackson and Hamer Time and all kind of other loosers!! It is so damn funny you wouldent belief it! He plays Micheal Jackson and his hair is on FIRE and he act all wiered with little kids in a bed WOW how do they ever think of this stuff it is so damn funny!! But what I am so mad at is how the radio is so damn jealous of the Great Eminam they wont play his song enough I put on Mix 95 yesterday and listen to it for 20 damn minutes and they dident even play Eminam ONE TIME!! I am so mad all they play is OLD looser songs that use to be good but now they old we all want to hear EMINAM not the Radio HEads singing "I'm a Freak I'm a Widow" or Elten Johns singing about "Hold me closer Tony Dannza"!!!! And it isent because Elten Johns is a gay because not that there is something about it wrong! No its because its all OLD and its all not EMINAM!!! Next time I listen to mix 95 they have 5 minutes to put on Eminam or else I am putting on the NEWS and listening to Rush Limbau untell they wise up! They will be so sorry once I am boycodding them I bet they go right out of busness!! Hawhaw cram that one jealous JERKS!!!! Yo better play Eminam NOW!!! Just LOOSE youself just loose youself just loose it!!!!! YEA BOYY HUH IN YOU FACE!!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Gotdammit Stinebrender I TOLD you to fire that gotdamm CHOKER Joe Torrey but did you listen to me NO!!! Now lookit what happened!! Lookit!!! This is the worst thing that ever happened to any body anywhere I am so damn mad I aught to drive to New York and punch out all them CHOKER Yankees who costed me the pennit but I need a new clutch so I can't!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I am so mad I HATE this the reffs ROBBED us and STOLE our pennit why does this allways happen to us its not fair why doesent sombody do something its not FAIR reffs YOU SUCK I am throwing trash at my TV right now because that is what you are TRASH and you are STEALERS who stole our pennit!!!!! Its all rigged and fixed and everone CHEATS for Redsox they wouldent even let Arod Ramirez stay on base the other day that is the biggest CRIME in sport hisstory reffs YOU SUCK this is all you're falt I WAS ROBBED!! Anyways who cares I hate base ball and I hate Yankees and I love my Cardnels anyways and exspecially my clutch Redsox!!! I HATE you Choker Torry and JERKFACE Arod Ramirez you are the worst player of all times and the CHOKER Meriano Riviera you SUCK and are horribel I hate you all Calvin Brown you are the worst pitcher I ever seen I cant wait untell you get CUT and the rest of you crummy CHOKERS costed me my pennit I HATE you all I reffuse to except such crap and garbige and nonsense I am a WINNER and I demand WINNING and if u r just a CHOKER looser like Yankees then i HATE u so much!!! I will never cheer for Yankees again untell they get RID of these CHOKERS and bring in some allstars why the hell wont Stinebrender spend some damn money and bring in that Belltrain guy and Rodger Clemmens and Puholes from my CARDNELS who RULE and allso Padro Ramirez and Daniel Ortez and other CLUTCH champions from Redsox!! I mean it Yankees I will HATE u untell u bring in them guys NOW!!!!!! YOU SUCK!!!!!!


Haw I CALLED IT MY SOX RULE!!! In you faces CHOKER yankees I hate you so much!!!!! Wow unreal how could you people cheer for looser Yankkes what is wrong with you I told you all that they were nothing but CHOKERS!!! MY Redsox RULE Johnnie Damien and Derrick Low RULE and Arod Ramirez is the biggest CHOKER I ever seen!!! Joe Torry you SUCK I hate you so much and Meriano Riviera you blow you are the biggest choker of all times I hate you more then any one ever!!!!! REDSOX RULE WE WIN NATIONAL CHAMPS IN YOU FACE CRAM IT!!!!!!!

PS Check out how I tricked you looser Yankees fans by pertending that I liked you!!!!! Hawhawhawhaw!!! Cram it!!! I HATE YOU! GO RED SOX!!!! I LOVE MY SOX!!! YESSSSSS!!!!

Haw I CALLED IT MY SOX RULE!!! In you faces CHOKER yankees I hate you so much!!!!! Wow unreal how could you people cheer for looser Yankkes what is wrong with you I told you all that they were nothing but CHOKERS!!! MY Redsox RULE Johnnie Damien and Derrick Low RULE and Arod Ramirez is the biggest CHOKER I ever seen!!! Joe Torry you SUCK I hate you so much and Meriano Riviera you blow you are the biggest choker of all times I hate you more then any one ever!!!!! REDSOX RULE WE WIN NATIONAL CHAMPS IN YOU FACE CRAM IT!!!!!!!

PS Check out how I tricked you looser Yankees fans by pertending that I liked you!!!!! Hawhawhawhaw!!! Cram it!!! I HATE YOU! GO RED SOX!!!! I LOVE MY SOX!!! YESSSSSS!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Yo what is up holmeses!! Now that it is Otcober and the playoffs are FINELY starting it is time to watch base ball again!! Oviously my CHAMPION YANKEES are going to win it again this year and the good news is that they get to sweep out looser RedSUX on the way! RedSUX fans are all mouthy and full of bullcrap so it is going to be saweeeeeet when we SWEEEEEEEEP them!!! In the other confrence my Cardnels are about to wipe the floor with the Asstroes and no one cares about that anyways because everone cant wait to see looser RedSUX finely get they whipping like they been aksing for! Face facts and look at the teams there is no contest the REDSUX have no chance!! The Great Derrick Jeeter plays for YANKEES so right there that means that Yankees will win! He has Special Magick Winning Power that makes everone on his team play like superstars dureng the playoffs and that is why Derrick Jeeter has never lost a playoff series and never will! You cant beat someone with Special Magick Winning Power and Derrick Jeeter has it comming out his ears! So face facts YANKEES RULE! And look at the rest of the teams! Redsux have that JERK Pardo Ramirez who threw the ball at poor old Don Zemmer last year! Unreal what a JERK he should of been supsended forever untell his contract ran out for that!! They allso have a bunch of other scrubbs like that frizzy headed Manny Rodrigez and all kind of other freaky looking FREAKS with long hair what a desgrace!! Face it I HATE the looser RedSUX more then any other team except looser Duke foot ball or like other loosers like Clippers or Miammi Dolfens which is NFL Miammi not college Miammi which RULZ!!! Look at all the great CHAMPIONS on Yankees we have Arod Ramirez who is nice and kind and hansome and awesome and a true CHAMPION and everone in America loves him so much!! And of course we have all our SUPERSTARS from our CHAMPIONSHIPS like the catcher guy with the big ears and Burny Williams and Andy Petit and Jasson Giamby and Barry Cheffeild and Mike Moosena and the fat Wells who actually is a Clutch Man and good and allso Meriano Rivera who is kind of a choker but he is still better then any one REDSUX have!!! Look at our allstar roster of SUPERSTARS face facts redsux you have NO ONE and you have NO CHANCE!! What makes me so mad is that the damn medea is allways picking on Yankees and never giving us any credit and telling LIEs about us and NEVER talking about our big championships!! You never hear any thing good about us from the medea which is BIAS and playa hatas who love looser Redsux! Well they can all CRAM it because even tho my awesome Yanks are the under dawgs this time I dont care I am so loyale to my team that I am standing by them AGAIN and backing them all the way against u neysayers and u will all see in the end when my YANKEES are national champions again I will tell u all how I told u so!!! So get ready for ANOTHER sweep and ANOTHER YANKEES championship!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS CRAM IT ALL OF U!!!!

PS if they choke then it will be the falt of the looser Joe Torry!! The ONLY way the Yankees could loose one game would be if the ummps cheat against us and if Torry coaches like a gotdamn IDIOT again!! So Torry wake up if you just listen to me and take my advise you will WIN this time!! Dammit I am sick of you not listening to me and doing all kind of looser moves and I wont stand for it!! Either sweep or get FIRED!!! And you better belief that the Great George Stinebrender backs me all the way on this!!!!! Jerk!!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Yo peaps what is up! I just read this artical on the Foxx sports that calls out all the borring athaletes in sports! This was a great artical and very contrvertial and now everone is going to go to that websight to read it and that is what sportwritting is all about!! This guy who wrote it stole the idear from me tho! I was just going to write a artical called The Borringest Players of Sports! Well this guy cant steal my idear I am going to write that artical right now anyways! What do you think of that!!! Now some one copy this artical down and send it to the Foxx sports people and tell them to pay me my damn money for it! And dont try and steal my artical I will bust you ass out beeyotch!! Anyways here is my artical!

The Borringest Players of Sports, by King Awesome Dawg Man!

There are too manny borring players in sports why dont they stop being so damn borring! Look at that Tim Dunkin he is borring and he doesn't even hardly ever dunk or grab his junk or get up in everones face or tell everone how he rules! Who wants to watch that! BORRING!!! Everone wants to watch athaletes that yell and scream and pound they chesstes and tell you all kind of brags about how they are the awesomest of all times and how the other guys all SUCK! That gets people watching why the hell should I watch a damn baskeball game if there isent any yelling or bragging or trashtalking that would be the borringest game of all times and there would be nothing to watch except a bunch of guys making baskets and passing the ball and not any yelling or shoving BORRRING BORRRING!! Why would I watch that when tehre is wrassling and Fear Factory and CS Eye and Land of the Lost Airplane and all them other awesome shows on! I wouldent thats why!!!! BORRING BORRING!!!! Tim Dunkin doesent even do rapping or acting or anything how can you be a baskeball player and not even sing or act! No wander he can never win the Big One and will never get a ring! He needs to take it from Alan Iversen and do some rapping and be real and street and get arrested by the cops and punk them out and allso come out with some awesome cloths to wear with his name on them!! Alan Iversen has SWEATPANTS with his name on them why would anyone ever cheer for BORRING old Tim Dunkin when he doesent even have sweatpants with his name on them and the Great Iversen does! So Dunkin take a lessen from the Great IVersen and do some rapping and do some jail time in the big house to proove you are real and then come out with some awesome cloths for people to wear and then you will FINELY be a good player!
Another BORRING player is that chump Santanata from Twins! He throws the ball very good but I never even heard of him untell yesterday! Now he losted to CHAMPION YANKEES last night so he is just a flash in japan and a one-hit wander! But if he wants to get famouos he needs to get some hype from the press and so he needs to talk about his stereoids creams like Barry Cheffiled! And he needs to get some comercials so we know which kind of sotapop he is in favor of and which kind he hates! How can you cheer for some new guy if you dont even know what he drinks for sotapop or what vidio games he plays or what kind of sweet ride he drive around in! You better belief you allways know that about the Great athaletes because they are there to get in you face all day and let you know about it do you know what I am saying G! So this Yohans Santanata guy needs to start keeping it real on TV if he ever wants to make it in the bigtime! Add him to the list of BORRINGEST Sport Players! With Tim Dunkin and that jive turkie from Redsox and Brent Farv and that tenis guy!! U ARE ALL BORRING!! Yo beeyocthes U bin punked OUT!!! By me!! BORRING!! BORRING!!!

So there you go! Now some one copy that artical down and send it in to Foxx sports so I can get rich and famous! And dont you pertend that you wrote it I DID and everone will know its mine and I wrote it and I will be the one who gots to get PAID for it!!!!

piece out dawgs!!!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Yo the big news is how even though George "W" Bush our COMANDER INCHIEF won the dabate the other day everone thinks he lost!! Unreal how people are so damn dumb!! Cant they even tell who wins a dabate!! When you have a PRESIDENT who is COMANDER INCHIEF verse some looser who was a chicken and a faker in Viatnam then oviously the PRESIDENT wins the damn dabate!!! I HATE John Carey what a JERK!!! But I am allso mad at "W" Bush for screwing up that dabate what was wrong with him he was like high or something or drunk and being all looser we need him to wake up and lay off the damn pipe or something!! He needed to be all up in Carey's grill and be like Yo beeyotch I am George "W" Bush and I will punk you ass out right now if you are man enough to go!! And then he should of said hey Carey look over there and when Carey looked "W" could of kicked him in the back! And then when Carey felled down "W" could of kicked him right in the nads!! That would of showed everone how "W" Bush is a tough leader and dont take no crap from flipfloppers!! Then he could of brought out them armey men from that comercial who know what a LIER Carey is and they could talk about how they were in the armey with John Carey back in the Viatnam and how he was a chicken and a faker just like on that commercial!!! That would of won the damn dabate why dident "W" Bush do that what is he stupid or some thing!! He better lay off the booze next time I am a WINNER and I dont have no damn use for some chump who looses dabates!! So watch out Bush you need to bring back a damn "W" that means WIN in the next dabate!! Or else you're fired!!! Wake up and stop makking faces and making pauses in you speeches dammit I dont need no pauses when I dabate some one I just lay down the SMACK and punk his ass out with my FACTS why dont you do that "W" Bush what are you dumb!! Does "W" stand for WINNER or WEANER which is it!! Damn it if "W" Bush looses another damn dabate I aint voting for any one!! SO WIN BUSH you looser!! Like you did last time but THIS time make people know you WON instead of LOST!!!! Dont be a looser!!!

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