Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I am so mad I cant tell you! That IDIOT looser choker Joe Torry just losted another game! Unreal he made Yankees go all the way over to CHINA to play a base ball game against the stupid horribel Devil Rays and they LOST! I am so sick of this nonsince how can you loose to Devel Rays hey Torry why dont you wake up you team was playing DEVEL RAYS!!!! Just tell them how Tampa SUCKS and STINKS and to go out there and WIN!!! But NO!!! They loose! Unreal! Yankees lost because the game wasent even in America who was the foole who said to play in China!! Torry you jerk you should of said no way ar ewe playing in China we are AMERICANS and we play in AMERICA and you Devil Rays can just come over HERE and play! Or else forefiet! No wander we lost! Wake up Torry! And why did you let them play at 5 in the damn morning our superstars were all tired you dont make the great Jeeter or Arod Ramirez get up in the middle of the night to play baseball they probaly been out knocking boots with girls all night long!!! They are SUPERSTARZ not looser Devil Rays!! Torry wake up and get you head out of you ass!!! Yankees are suppost to WIN not loose to cruddy Tampa and they are suppost to play in the USA not China and they ar esuppost to play at NIGHT not at 5 in the morning you people ar eall FOOLES no wander base ball sucks and no one likes it and everone hates it!! They always cheat verse Yankees I am sick of it!!!! Jerks! I dont care anyways base ball is stupid and borring and I never watch it untell the world serieses! And anyways Yankees are still undeffeated in AMERICA!!! So thats all that matters I bet Stinebrender is going to call up Budd Zelig on the phone and say "Yo beeyotch this game does not count because we are not chinamen we are AMERICAN YANKEES and you better take this game off our record we never agreed to it it was all the fault of that choker looser Torry! And here is a million bucks to do as I say now do it beffore I punk you out again beyotch!!" And then Zelig will FINELY cancel this stupid looser game that doesent count that no one cares about anyways!!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Well now it is saturday afternoon and I am typeing this and it is saturday March 27 at noon! And the big Finale 4 playoffs are about to start and havent started yet! So now I will give you lucky people my Awesome Super Top Secret Underdog Cindrella Sleeper Upsett Suprise Shocker Ironcladd Lock Picks for the big Finale Four! So write it down I will tell you right now my picks are these! DUKE of course will kick ass over Exavier and then you will see over rated CHOKERS Josephs go down to my second faverite team Okalahomma! Yes you heard it I right i call it right now just you wait! And then Georgia Tex will SHOCK the chokers of kanses who never win the Big One and of course there will be allso my awesome Yuconn who RULES!!! Yuconn is awesome and badass and even though you never heard of them trust me holmes we RULE! We have the big african kid Okerfore and Rashard Gordon who scores about a miliion points and then the dredlocks guy! Face it no one can match that except DUKE! SO the CHAMPION game will be my two faverite teams of all times Duke verse Yuconn!! It is going to be the BEST and awesomest champion game of all times I cant wait for it!!! So once we get rid of Georgia Tex and Okalahomma and get to the REAL game it is going to RULE!! So there you have it my Awesome Super Top Secret Underdog Cindrella Sleeper Upsett Suprise Shocker Ironcladd Lock Picks that are NEVER wrong and I am always right and I ALWAYS WIN!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Yo dawgs what is up I been working a lot of nightshift lately so I aint had time to make a lot of postings on my balogg here! But dont worry I am BACK yo! Just in time to save you all and help you all make a LOT of money with my Super Top Secret Awesome Superstar Upset Special Cindrella Sleeper Underdog Upset picks for the rest of the NCA tourneymint! Thats right i am giving out my picks for free because I am so kind and gennarouse and awesome to all my fans! Your welcome!!! Anyways the point is here are my STSASUSCSUU picks for the rest of the big March Madniss! First of all I pick awesome NUBER #1 DUKE!!! Thats right I dont care what all the jealous loosers and whinners and the crybabays in the medias say Duke is great! We are going to kick everones ass all the way to the CHAMPIONSHIP baybay!! You read it here first!! We got Shelton Williamson JayJay Reddick and Lou Al Ding plus allso Duehonn is still there and Shawn Euwing! So face it that is five superstarz in you faces and on you jock punkin you ass out ever single minute Beeyotch!!! Thats right Duke is here to whoop ass and we will do whatever we have to to WIN we will push you down and kick you in the nads and throw elboes and scream in you faces and do whatever else we have to do to WIN!!! And our players will too!!!! So face FACTS Duke is IN!!!

My next STSASUSSCSUU pick is Josephs!! My Saints are NUMBER #1 and even though we use to be a little miner league nothing joke of a religion collage that nobody ever heard of except for preistes and revarends and nunns now we are in the BIGTIME and we are going to slotter the hell out of everone in the whole country!! Except for Duke! So in you faces you jealous jerks! You never heard of little Jammer Neilsen he is a little guy who dunks in all you faces and then grab his junk and scream at you how you are a beeyotch!!!! If you were a expert like me you would of heard of him allready! And now you have! Your wellcome!!!

The rest of the games are just a bunch of looser teams who wont do anything except CHOKE so no one cares about them! Dont waiste your time looking at any other teams they all STINK and have NOTHING!! Except DUKE and JOSEPHS!!!

So there you have it take it to the bank write it down you heard it here first mark it down its a FACT those are my STSASUSSCSCUU picks for the NCA tourneymint I always win I am NEVER wrong so there you go!!!!!


piece out dawgs!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Yo dawgs what is up my peaps! It is time for the March Madniss and this is always awesome! It is called March Madness because it happens in March! Duh! And loosers who's teams choke and loose get all full of madniss against they players! So anyways the point is that this is the time that they have the big torneymint to find out how Duke wins the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! Except for last year when my awesome Saracuse whupped everones butt with the great Caramallow Anthoney who RULED! This year the big torneymint is wide open because Caramellow is gradutated and Duke is choking and playing like garbage and allso the Great Coach Kay told them to loose on perpose the other day because he wanted to get them all mad for the March Madniss! So now they are mad and so we will kick ass again! But the good news is that my faverite teams Kentucky and Standford are awesome and should go all the way! So they will be in the Finale Four no doubt! Another awesome team is the Saint Josephs who rock untell they choked the other day like loosers they are from the minors leagues of collages so most people havent ever heard fo them but i am a expert so I have! So look out for the Saint Joes they are sleepers and underdogs and cindrellas and nobody knows who they are but trust me they have this kid Jemere West who is good and shoots the ball and it goes into the basket and they score points and then they win! It happens all the time! So you can see how the Saint Joes will defintely make the Finale Four! My other picks for the Finale Four are awesome Yukon with the big African kid and allso Gonzoga which is another little minor league collage but trust me I know all about them they rock and they always upset the other teams in a big sleeper cindrella shocker suprise game! I won like ten bucks on them in a poole a couple of years ago so you know they are MONEY holmes! Bett on them bucko you cant go wrong!

So there you have the sure fire lock garanteed picks for the Finale Four! And of course you know my awesome faverite team of all times is going to win it all just you wait you heard it here first bucko!!!!!!! YESSS MARCH MADNISS RULEZ!!!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Yo the latest news in the sports is all about how my Saint Josephes baskeball team is NUMBER #1 and undeffeated! This is great! Sant Josephs = a new college that just came out! They are a religeon college you can tell because they have Saint in they names! It is unreal that a religeon college could be so awesome in baskeball but there you go it is true! It is hard to belief that these ministers and preistes and popes and reverends could allso be good at baskeball! But they are! UNDEFFEATED in you faces!!! I think that it is Jarry Faldwells college I heard he was going to open up a religeon college awhile ago so this must be it! Way to go Jarry Faldwell congradulation for making a team of UNDEFFEATED baskeball superstars at you religeon college! That rules! You are allmost as awesome as my Standford Cardnals who are allso undeffeted and NUMBER #1!!

Yo dawgs what is up holmeses! The big news is all about the Oscar awards which were the other night and of course my faverite movie "Lord of the Rings 3 the King Comes Back" won all the awards! That rocked holmes I cant wait untell the sequelle comes out I bet it will be awesome and Froddo will get his Ring back and kick some more ass! Anyways the TV show "Oscars" was alright but pretty borring they dident even have a halvetime show with naked girls or Justin Timberland pulling they cloths off! But the main probalem was how my faverite movie which just came out and is NUMBER #1 dident get any awards! Come on Oscar how can you not give any awards to the NUMBER #1 movie! Jeez we need to get some other guy to pick the awards this Oscar has been doing it a long time but he needs to wake up or get fired! Of course I am talking about the new Mell Gibbsen movie "Jesus Christ the Passions!" It is a awesome movie like all Mell Gibbsen movies are! I cant wait to see it I seen the pre-veiws and it ROCKS holmes! Mell Gibbsen plays God and he looks real young in it I bet he is on stereoids! Anyways the point is Mell Gibbsen movies RULE! They always have lots of killing and are allso very funny! I bet this one has the Jesus setting on a toilet that blows up like in Leathel Weapons that ruled! Or maybe it will have a army shine the moons against they other team like in Bravehard that kicked butt!! Butt! Hawhawhaw no punn attempted! Butt!! Anyways the point is how this movie RULEZ and got jipped by Oscar what is up with that! I cant wait to see it I bet Mell Gibbsen kicks ass like in Mad Maxx-Waterworld! That was great I bet in this movie the Jesus blows away all the bad guys and tells them smartmouth commints when he does that is always the BEST and that is why Mell Gibbsen rules you watch he will win the next Oscar Award for Best Acting Guy or else they better finely get rid of that looser Oscar!

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