Monday, April 26, 2004

BOOO! BOOOOOOO! BOOOO! You stink Jeeter go cram it you looser!!!! BOOOO! BOOOOO!!!!!!

That is me booing Derrick Jeeter because he SUCKED and was horrible this weekend! He is just lucky that I didn't have time in my buszy schedule to go all the way to New Jerssy to boo him in person! I am glad that all Yankees fans booed him this weekend because he stinks and choked and played like garbage!! How else is he suppost to know that he is playing so crappy if you dont even boo him he would probably think he was doing good and then he would NEVER get a damn hit! So I will do it again BOOO BOOOO BOOOO to you Jeeter you suck wake up and start hitting I dont spend all my hard earned money watching you on TV to see you strike out! Jerk!!
And Torry is the worst coach of all times! He needs to be FIRED right now I am sick of his choking and looser ways! Fire him now and bring back Don Zemmer or that other guy who is smart and coached us when we won all them championships whatever happen to him they were so dumb to get rid of that guy you need to be smart and show some patience and not fly off the cammel and panick or else you get stuck with a looser for a coach who stinks like Torry! Allso some of these new players STINK! Who is this kid Shevfiled he is terribel they need to send him back to the miners and then this Canadien pitcher Fazkezz or whoever he is losted TWO games in a row what a bum get back to Cananada you jerk! Why dont they trade that looser Enricky Willson for Randy Johnsen or Peckett from Marlons or maybe Cary Woods! They are so dumb thats what I would do why dont they listen to me Stinbrender if you are reading this I am SICK of you setting on you lazy butt and not making moves! Go out and fire some people and make some trades NOW!! These players all SUCK they dont even desserve to play for the great Yankees fans best in the world we desserve CHAMPIONS and WINNING and I reffuse to axcept this losing crap!!! I REFFUSE!!!! BOOOO to all you looser Yankees!! BOOOOO!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Anyways who cares base ball is dumb and borring and my Marlons are the BEST and RULE and are CHAMPS!!! Allso Coby Bryan is a REAL winner and CHAMPION why dont you stupid Yankees take some lessens from him he was awesome and kept shooting untell he scored the big clutch man shot to sweep out stupid Huston Rockettes hawhaw in you faces you LOOSE!!!! So Yankees WAKE UP and stop loosing and start scorring more runs then the other team and if you dont know how to do it then watch Coby Bryan a REAL CHAMPION who will show you how its done!!!! BOOOO BOOOOO BOOO you all SUCK now start winnign!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

YESSSS my Lakerz win again!! We kicked the buts of looser Houston and even though Shack was being CHEATED against by the godamn reffs AGAIN it dident matter because we are so awesome!! Cobey kicked ass FINELY and even old Carl Melone finely did something right! Rockets thought they all badass and everthing just because they have Yo Ming and Steve Franchis well they are DUMB!!! Dont they even know they are playing LAKERZ who always WIN!! Thats why we are CHAMPS and we cant be beat! Face it you cant even win when Shack doesent try and gets cheated by the godamn reffs you have NO CHANCE to win because now Shack is going to drop 20 points right in you faces beeyotches! There is nothing you can do about it Yo MIng you are so over rated why dont you go back to Jappan where you bellong the NBA is for awesome AMERICANS like Shack and Coby and that is why we are the BEST!!! WHOOOOO YESSSS we are going to FINELY fourpeete I can tell and I been waiting FOREVER for us to finely win our fourpeete it is about time but it is worth it because we are going to RULE the whole NBA and everone will have to cram it because we are NUMBER #1!!!!! In all you faces you jive turkey punkass beyothes!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Allso today is the big Taxes Day where all us hardworking people have to pay all kind of money to the looser Goverment so they can turn around and hand it over to the welfares this is the worst day of the YEAR!! I need my money why should I give it up to a bunch of welfares who dont even work!!!! It is a ripoff and a CRIME!! Anyways I am a expert on the taxes I fill them all out by my self and ever year I get a big reffund!! Maybe I will open up one of them H-Anar Blocks and get people to pay me they money to fill out they taxes for them! That would be good but all that adding up gives me a headache and why should i give away all my secret tricks for getting a big reffund too bad forget it suckers!!! My tragick injury that I got years ago that gives me a Trick knee that itches before it rains ever time and kept me out of the NBA and the NFL costed me a lot of money so I get more money back from the Taxes that is how our system works but the point is that I should be getting back WAY more money from the stupid goverment if not for the welfares!!!! Belief me Bucko that time I got laid off from work back in the recession because they said I stole from the register (WHICH IS A BIG LIE!!!!) I never even went on the welfare except for the first month! I am a hard worker and I am very smart with my money and I am tough and so I got by on just my unamploymint and govermint cheese! Why cant these welfares do the same i am sick of them and they LAZYNESS!!! I work hard for my money that walkin cooler dont clean itself and neither does the fryer!!!!! These stupid welfares can come and clean them out while I set around eating bonboms on the couch watching Springer for a change how do you like them apples looser Welfares! Its not so funny now is it!!! Jerks!!! I cant wait untell "W" Bush gets relected and then he will FINELY put those welfares in jail where they bellong he should of allready done it but he is too afraid of the Liberals! Come on "W" "Bush" wake up and get to work!! I ahve to work all the time and what do I get for it just grease all over my LeBaron James tennyshoes and then I have to pay TAXES so welfares can go and set around all days I wish I had it so easy it aint fair why dont I get to be on the handouts and do nothign all day I would do it too!!!! This day is the worst of the year that damn Goverment better hurry up and send me my check get you ass in gear Hillery Clinton!!!!

I am so sick of the stupid Iraqueis going around and killing our boys overseas what the hell is wrong with them dont they even know the war is OVER and we won! What a bunch of JERKS!! Next time I hope we dont even invade them at all! They can go straight to H-E-double hockey sticks for all I care! (that is HELL!!!) We WON this war a YEAR ago but we are still over there getting killed by stupid terreristes! It is all the fault of that JERK Hillery Clinton!! We dont she shut up and get back in the kitchen where she bellongs we dont need her shooting off her mouth we would of allready made Iraqu a state by now if not for her and her traiter liberal crowd!!! The probalem is too many liberal JERKS are critizing our President and this is keeping our boys overseas getting killed! If they would just shut they ignorent mouthes for once the terrerristes wouldent even DARE to kill us because we are the USA Bucko! Hillery Clinton stop getting our boys killed you traiter!!! I cant wait till I can vote against her in the big election I am going to put the "W" Bush back in the white house and Hillery can just go and cram it!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Yo dawgs what is up! I just got back from my very special volnteer work that I do for the communty because I am such a great guy and so nice and carring and kined and wonderfull honest its true! Everone talked about how I am so nice and how it was so awesome of me to donnate my valuble time like that and so why dont you all take up my example and give back to the communty once in a while you laszy selfesh jerks! It is no fun to do all my volnteer work to help all you less fortunate loosers out there and them orainge suits are HOT in the HEAT and my trashpicker dident even pick up most of the crap that you lazy and desgusting SLOBBS throw away by the road because it had a tipp that was bended and that made it suck even more belief me bucko no way in hell would I of been out there like some chump if I wasent so badass and rebbell! Haw I told you all that there was no way they were EVER going to put me away for lighting up a few trash cans on fire and drinking fortys and not wearing a shirt in the 711 what is this RUSSIA!! And so I dident even do any more time just some volnteer work by the hiway you're WELCOME you ungreatfull SLOBBS! Anyways I been away from my computer for a while so you probaly dident even read my perdiction of how the Great Phil Fickelson was going to kick ass and become the Master of Golf! Well he did! And I called it who is laughing now huh ME thats who!! I told you all how Fickelson was a badass and how he would FINELY quit chokking and screwing up like a choking looser and FINELY win a damn tourneymint and he did! And now HE has the champion Master belt for all of golff and no one is good enough to take it away from him! And all of you Tigger Woods fans can go screw Woods is so over rated and washedup he is a hasbeen and a nobody he hasent even won a match in like years I am so sick of him and all his axcuses and whinning you cant even turn on the TV without seeing him whinning all the times so shut you mouth Tigger we are all sick of you and want you to go screw and make way for the NEW CHAMPION of the WORLD Phil Fickelson! YESSS Fickelson RULEZ and that is why he is the new CHAMPION of golff which is a borring sport that puts everone to sleep when it comes on the TV but I am a pro and a bigtime journelist so I make myself stay awake and watch the last couple holes of the Master Championship ever year because it is my job and my job is very serious and importent it is so importent that I will even watch GOLFF wow can you belief it! Anyways just like I called it Fickelson made the big clutch man shot at the buzzerd to win the match!! That other guy Earnie Ellsworth CHOKED and lost and Tigger Woods wasent even on the field he had allready hit the showers with the other loosers when my man Fickelsen hit the big CHAMPION shot to make all you people who called him names and called him a choker and a looser and a chump and a nogood whuss to finely SHUT UP!!!! Who has the belt NOW huh! Fickelson!!! He is CHAMP!!! It is a great feeling for me to be a part of winning the big championship of all of golff and so it was worth setting there watching them putt around and do nothing for like a whole HOUR untell they finely got it over with and knocked the damn ball in the whole! So here is to me and to The Master Phill Fickelsen he has the belt and we are WINNERS and CHAMPS we do whatever we have to do to win and to stick it to the over rated hasbeen TIgger Woods!! Go Fickelsen Master of all Golff!!! YESSSSS!!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Yo dawgs what is up! The big news is how my Yuconn Huskys RULE and are WORLD CHAMPS again!!!! I called it you heard it here first Yuconn was my Awesome Super Secret Upsett Cindrella Sleeper Suprise Shocker Upsett pick of the whole torneymint and we won! Wow unreal what are the odds! Anyways it is very ovious how Yuconn rules and is best! I knew that with the big African kid and our awesome Coach Cowloon that we would kick ass! But many people dont know how awesome my HUSKYS are because we never get any love or hype yo what is up with that! Encase you dident even know we have the awesome Rashard Gorden who RULES I seen him dunk the ball right through the basket the other night it RULED! And if you are a big expert like me you dont even have to go to the Yucon website to know all about our other awesome superstars! Trust me I dont need to look it up to know how awesome our STARS are like D. Tarausi who scores 16.2! That kicks ass! And then there is allso Turner who = 13.7! Strothers I think he is the big african guy he makes 10.9 points! And dont forget awesome Moore who scores 9.4! Those are FACTS and figures! You can't argue with figures! So face FACTS and learn how my HUSKYS are the best team of all times!! We RULE and are CHAMPIONS and all the other teams are just little baby girly teams!! So cram that one you jealous jerks I am going out to get all tore up on whisky and 40s because MY team just WON the championship of the WORLD! You know how we do!!!! So get out of my way if you dont want to get you car all scratched up with a key or have you trash can lit on fire!! GO HUSKYS we RULE CHAMPS CHAMPS CHAMPS CHAMPS CHAMPS YES I CALLED IT IN ALL YOU FACES CRAM IT YES YES YES!!!!!!!

Monday, April 05, 2004

Those reffs are dirty CHEATERS this is a bunch of crap it is so unfair what a ripoff and a jipp!! Those reffs ROBBEd and STOLE that game from Duke last night I am so mad and furrious that I cant tell you! It is unfair and wrong and a CRIME and someone needs to do something about it NOW!!!!! How can they let the reffs CHEAT like that!!! Why wont anyone do something about this!!!! Damn it Budd Zelig if you are reading this then stop being a looser foole and make it so Duke wins because of the cheating reffs! It is only fair and maybe if you make it so Duke wins then people will stop hating on you and saying you are the worst commissioner of all times so DO IT NOW you jerk!! Come on Zelig do something right for once you looser!!!

Anyways the looser Duke players stink anyways but they were ROBBED! Choke-Choke Reddick choked and blew it but he was FOULED by dirty Yuconn all the time trust me he dont miss shots like that only when he is FOULD!! FOULS FOULS FOULS FOULS FOULS FOULS!!!! Why dident they ever call any FOULS on Yconn NO they call them ALL on Duke! The great Shelton Williamsen was FOULD out by the CHEATER reffs that were cheating verse Duke like they always do!! But why wasent Yuconn fould out WHY!!!! HUH!!! WHY!!!! Plus Coach Kay was sick or something did you see his face it was all like red and then it was all like pail! So oviously he was sick and his back was hurting him or somethign! Which is why he coached so stupid! He is the BEST coach EVER and he NEVER looses unless the reffs cheat against him! Or if his back is sore! OR BOTH!!! So what do you expect when he is so sick that it makes him coach stupid AND the reffs are cheating AND the stupid looser players all CHOKE!!! Anyways who cares NO ONE at least my two faverite teams of all are playing Georgeia Tex and Yuconn!!!! I use to love Duke but when coach kay's back gets sore I dont like them because he coaches stupid and I dont root for stupid coaches I DEMAND greatness and if Coach Kay is too sick to coach like he has any since then too bad for him! I always loved Yuconn and Georgeia Tex anyway Rashard Gorden and that forein kid Okayfor and that kid with the dreddlocks all rule! And Georgeia Tex has the big doof with the red affro who is way better then he looks! Plus Jared Jackson and JJ Older and a bunch of other guys only us experts know about! So there you have it my two faverite teams of all are playing for the CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD which RULES! Except Duke should of been there but we were robbed and CHEATD by jealous jerk reffs! Plus the coach was sick and the players are all choking looser JERKS! But who cares anyways!!!

Friday, April 02, 2004

The big sport news today is how YANKEES came back and kicked the butts of the crappy Devel Rays! Just like I perdicted it! Stupid looser Devil Rays who do you even think you are to try and play against Yankees you have NO CHANCE give it up you cant beat us even at 5 in the morning in China!!! Hawhawhaw!!! Well Joe Torry FINELY wised up and read my awesome blogg and leanrt what I TOLD him and told his players to stop playing like garbage and crap and to start hitting some homeruns and making the looser crappy horrbel Devil Rays start striking out! Too bad Torry was too dumb to do that for the first game like I told him to or else we would be undeffeated! So the point is Yankees FINELY won the big Chinese championship of the world and Matt Suey got a big trophy for being Awesomest Chinaman in the Chinese playoffs which Yankees FINELY won after looser Torry costed them the first game but the second game was the CHAMPIONSHIP game and that is the only one that counts because YANKEES are WORLD CHAMPS of China!!! Yessssss!!!

Also everone is mad at that stupid Paul Hornick guy who said Norta Dame needs to stop making black guys go to classes! What a racest and foole I bet he was drunk! Raceism makes me SICK I am all about everthing being EQAL for everone especially me! So if you are reading this Paul Hornick then go and cram it! First of all Norta Dame use to be AWESOME and champs but they have been crummy loosers for years now and I hated them last year but the point is we are BACK bayaby we have the awesomest recrutes comming in and they are all allstars so get ready for us to whup you butts next year! And this Hornick guy doesent even know what he is talking about what a racest!! Why should only the black guys not have to take classes that is so racest and unfair! Norta Dames white players shouldent have to neither! It is only fair to let them ALL not take classes so stop being racest Paul Hornick and face facts Norta Dame can do whatever the hell it wants as long as we start winning some damn champion ships again for a change! This Hornick guy needs to mind his own busness I bet he is just JEALOUS because he was never good enough to play foot ball and so he has to pick on poor Norta Dame who sucked and was garbage last year but now is BACK! So he is jealous! So butt out Hornick who aksed for you racest opinien anyways NOBODY thats who! Norta Dame doesent have to make they white guys take classes if they dont want to we hardley have any white guys anymore anyways now that we are BACK!!! So face facts racest Hornick all you playa hating and jealousy will not stop awesome Norta Dame from finely being good again!! So cram it!!!!

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