Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Yo the big news in the sports is how MY LAKERS kicked the ass of looser Spurs and swept them right out! Oviously we are going to win it all now so the only thing to worry about is what kind of champion cloths I should get! Should I get a hat or a teeshirt or a jacket that ssays LAKERZ WORLD CHAMPS! Or maybe a trailer hitch cover those rock! Why dont they make like tennyshoes that say Lakerz National Champions on them! That would also rock! Or even better a champion BELT just like in the wrassling only it says LAKERS NATIONAL CHAMPS and I could get one and wear it around all the time and show it off to all the playa hating jive turleys that have to hate on me and then I could whip it right off and beeyotch slap them with the belt just like they do on the WWE! Damn that is the best idear I heard in monthes why doesent some one do that maybe I will do it!! SO look out jive ass punks you will get a beating! Allso the big news is in the horseracing where Smarty Johnson is the best horse racer of all times! Unreal how fast this horse runs he runs right around the big track and no one can catch him he is like greasy lightening or something! So my faverite horse of all times is the great Smarty Johnsen and he won the Trippel Crown again last week and now there is only one more Trippel Crown for him to win! I bet they get Seedbizkit or Saddle Sloo out of retiremint to race against him for the Trippel Crown belt wow that would ROCK but dont worry I am so loyale that I would still bet on Smarty Johnson he ROCKS and runs faster then anyone! If you dont like Smarty Johnsen you dont know CRAP about anything! He runs faster then you ever did! So why dont you playa haters get off his back! Quit being so jealous of him! Face facts he RULES and is a very fast runner! SO go Smarty Johnson I cant wait to see you win the Trippel Crown again!!!! Cram it Saddle Sloo!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Hey check out my awesome massage board what do I have to do hit you over the head with it! You ar emissing out holmes it ROCKS!!! You are missing all the great infomation and commintary like my awesome movie reviews liek this one!
I seen this AWESOME movie the other day and it is called Troy and it
is one of the best movies ever made this summer! I was pissed off when I got there and founded out how it isent a movie about the awesome Troy Akeman from my Cowboys but thats alright its still good! It is awesome and has lots of killing and stabbing and other great action! It is the seqal to American Gladiater but this time they couldent afford to get Russel Crow so they got Rachels boyfriend from the Fighting Clubb and he plays this Gladiater named Troy in Romen times and he has to attack and stab
a bunch of people with swords and knifes and such to be the big Hero
and he ends up cutting the other teams big superstar right in the
Ackillies Heel and the other guy is such a whuss that he dies! Unreal!
So you can see the story is kind of dumb but who cares if the writters
stink its just a movie what do you want! Cripes! The point is how it is full of action and coolness! Even the old ballandchain wanted to go and see it and she dident even pay attention to the fighting parts just the smoochy parts and she just kept shovelling in that expansive movie pop-corn and going on and on about how hot Brad Pit is and Rolando Blume and some other foreign guy and wouldent shut up thats the thanks I get for rolling out major bucks for a big hot date! Girls! Anyways the point is how this movie about this Gladiater named Troy is so great and how everone
should go to watch it trust me holmes it is even better then
Vanhalensing the Wherewolve movie with the dracula in it! And way better
then How to be Mean to Girls which is good and has hot girls in it and I
use to think it was awesome but now I know that it isent very good
compared to Troy and allso there is no nakedness and I dont like
Documinterys anyways! So go and see Troy's movie it RULEZ!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

The big news today is how everone in the world is getting ready to watch the last apisode of The Friends! This is the best TV show every made and the whole world is so sad that The freinds arent making anymore TV shows! It is going to be so wierd to not be abel to watch The Freinds on Thursdays anymore and only on at 7 or 11 oclock ever night instead! Everone is going to miss our freinds Rachelle, Monica, the blond girl, Ross, Chandler and the dumb guy! I remeber that one apisode where the dumb guy said How are you doing and the adience all goes Whooo! And then Ross and Rachelle got marryed and devorced about 200 times and no one EVER got tired of that old story! And then they brung in Bruce Willes and Tom Sallick and manny other celbretys as temprary Freinds so that people wouldent get sick of the same old crap all the time! The best part of the show of course that everone loves best is when Rachelle runs around in skimpie cloths and show off her boobys and that is so damn awesome it is the best TV of all times except for cabel! Ross you are a whinny poindexter geeke how can you not get with her what are you a chump or something! I would do it you know that Bucko!! Anyways everone is sad and we will all have so manny awesome memmaries from the show like the time two of the Freinds hooked up and the adience all goes Whooooo! And then claps! And then they had Thanksgiven! So watch The Friends this is your last chance! I know I will be singing allong to the famouse theam song that goes like this I will be there for you when the rain starts to fall I will be there for you when you're stuck in second gear for a week a year this fall! Ill be there for you......!!!! Allso the good news is that my insider sources tell me that the dumb guy is going to get his own show next year so we wont miss all The Freinds just the hot ones!! So long The Freinds everone in the world is so sad that you are gone!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Yo my peaps I have big news and you will all be pshyced!!! I have my own massage board now! Yes it is true and it is right here!


Go and be like the smart and cool people and make some postings there it is the best massage board of all times and now you wont need to waist you time on any other looser massage boards like accboards or Duke or whatever! Wow what a awesome gift from me to you all! Your welcome!! So go and post now!!!!!!

Monday, May 03, 2004

YESSSS Yankees been kicking ass again FINELY!! ABOUT TIME!! Torry you JERK you should of listened to me a long time ago and then we would be undeffeated! And the great Derrick Jeeter is BACK he doesent suck anymore he hit a homerun and everthing look out you chumps because we are AWESOME and we are BACK!!! yes in you faces hahwhawhaw cram it!!

Also when does NBA Finales start I am sick of waiting around for the looser East to figure out which team gets sweept out by LAKERZ hurry up and get it over with no one cares who it is they have NO CHANCE anyways!! I am sick of not being abel to watch LAKERZ kick ass because we got to wait around forever to see who they get to play what is up with that Lakerz should play a axibition game verse Harelam Globetroters while we have to wait around! That would be awesome Coby and Shack and Melone verse Medowlarke and Goose and Geece and Marcus Hanes and that dog with the sneakers would kick ass Lakers would whip them but it would be fun to watch! So someone go and do that!!

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