Tuesday, June 29, 2004


You done it now Rodger Moore! You pissed me off with you stupid lying movvie called 411 Degrees or whatever it is it is BAD!!! And now you must GO! You are a traiter and a terrerist and so I made a patetion to send you back to Russia where you belong!!!! You just look what happened to Phill Jackson when I made up my patetion to get him FIRED!! He got FIRED!! So you better get ready to put on a Russain hat and start eating Russian sallad dressing and start talking in Russain now boy! Because you are GONE! EVERONE SIGN MY PATETION AND WE WILL GET RID OF THIS FAT LOOSER TRAITER WHO MADE THAT ROTTEN MOVIE AND SHUT HIM UP FOR GOOD AND AMERICA WILL BE FREE AGAIN!!!!


RODGER MOORE = LOOSER!!! Yo I went to the movvies the other day and they had this movvie with the fat Liberal guy who always complains! All he does is whinne and gripe and complane about the great Geroge "W" Busch who is our President! This traiter makes a movvie against our President when we are at WAR! That is why I wouldent see it! I will never give my hardearn money to a traiter guy to attack "W" Bush with the worst rottenest movvie ever! Why doesn't this ROdger Moore JERK go and be Presidint if he thinks its so easy! Why! Because he cant thats why he is fat and everone HATES him and he wouldent stand a chance because no one wants to hear his nonsince! No one likes a playa hata who just whinnes about the war big deal who cares NO ONE! Trust me no one is going to go and watch this rotten crummy looser movvie! This movvie is so rotten it makes me so damn mad I want to punch someone in the face I seen that hippie girl from work who dont shave her leggs in the line for that movvie I am going to prank call her right now and aks her if her refridgerater is running over and over! That will teach her to be a trater and to try to take away all my rights! I will tell her to go back to Russia and take ROdger Moore with her because this is AMERICA where we dont need this kind of crap! We probaly would of killed a whole bunch more Iraqu guys by now if not for Liberal traters like her and ROdger Moore who are against our troops! Anyone who watches this movvie is a trater and a terrerist and I am going to tell the FBI on you so watch you back pinko! I am allready looking up the number to raport terreristes to the FBI and belief me Bucko the first one going on my list is Rodger Moore! We'll see how he likes it when the FBI gets ahold of him and tortures him up hawhawhaw cram that one fat Rdoger Moore thats what you get for messing with our Presidint! Cram it traiter!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Yo the big news in the sports these days is how Jeff Gordan is BACK! Gordan RULZ!!! He won the big race yesterday and blew the doors right off the rest of them loosers! He floored it and zoomed all over the place and no one could keep up with him he was awesome he drives just like me! Too bad there werent any crashes and explosions but other then that it was a awesome day of car racing! So all you playa hatas and douters who hated on J-Gord can go screw! He is BACK and in you face and is the CHAMP and the Man! J-Gord can drive faster then anyone and no one can stop him! This new Jimmy Jones guy who is in first place right now is very good put J-Gord put the wood to him yesterday so look out J-Gord is the Man and will win the National Championship AGAIN bucko!!!

ALso, my Yankees are kicking ass again so there is even more reason for you chumps and hatas to shut you foole mouthes! Why do you allways go and smartmouth against PROOVEN CHAMPS like A-Rod and J-Gord and all my faverite playas! Because you are just a bunch of fooles and jive turkies thats why! So face facts YANKEES and J-Gord are the BEST of all times and that RULZ! Allso Spidermen 2 verse Doctor Ocktapuss is comming out so everything great is happening at once so quit being such whinny complaners and get with the winning team for a change! Cripes do I have to tell you people everthing!

Monday, June 21, 2004

YES YES YESSSSSSS!!!!! CRAM IT PHILL JACKSON I GOT YOU FIRED HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!!!!! Hawhawhaw I told you all how I would get that looser FIRED and I did!!! That shows you all how I reffuse to except mediaocrety and looserism!! Jackson was a looser and a choker so I had to get rid of him and I did! I made up that patetion and it probaly had a million signetures and so Lakers knew they better wake up and listen to me or ELSE! So they FIRED Jackson! I WIN AGAIN I ALWAYS WIN!!!! Look at how powerfull I am it is unreal how I can get some big famous guy FIRED you all who smart off to me better watch youselves beffore I get you FIRED too! I will do it aks Phill JAckson if you dont belief me you can go and aks him down at the unamplaymint office! Hawhawhaw thats what you get for loosing like a looser! FIRED!!!!!! BY ME!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I have had it with Phill Jackson and his choking and loosing!!!! I will not stand for it I am a WINNER and I demand that Phill Jackson get FIRED NOW!! So I made up a patetion for everone to sign and I will send it right to the Lakers after I get a couple million people to sign it! So go and sign it right now and Lakers will see it and FIRE Jackson and hire up a GOOD coach who wont choke and who will tell Coby to stop being over rated and who will tell them to start making shots and stop missing them and to go out and WIN and bec CHAMPIONS isntead of loosing like a bunch of loosers!!!!

Sing up for it NOW!!

Do you know what nobody cares about anymmore! The NBA! Yes it is true everone is sick of this stupid league cheating against Lakers so now NBA is a looser league of dumb teams that no one cares about anyway! The NBA is so JEALOUS of Lakers because of how awesome Shack is that they make Lakers keep that CHOKER Phill Jackson as coach! And then the reffs CHEAT in every game against Lakers! Everone knows that the Lakers can't ever catch a break! Anyways who cares the NBA is for loosers and playa hatas! I dont even know who won the championship who cares! I bet it was my faverite team Pisstens though because we RULE and have awesome superstars like Resheed Wallace and Chansy Phillips and the guy with the mask and the guy with the all that hair! Resheed Wallace is the best player of all times except for Shack and he doesent take any crap from anyone so no wander we are so awesome! I bet my Pisstens are NATIONAL CHAMPS too bad no one even cares about looser NBA anymore! But if I did I would tell you all to go and cram it because my Pisstens RULE!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2004

The big news of the sports of course is how Phill Jackson SUCKS and is a FOOLE and needs to be FIRED NOW!! I ahve had it with this choker looser JERK! What a CHOKER how can you loose to the damn Pisstons unreal what a desgrace! You have the two most awesomest players in the whole wide world who are SHACK and COBY and you still loose! Anyone could coach them to win the national championship! ANYONE! Except looser Phill Jackson he makes me sick FIRE HIM NOW and get the great Coach Kay out there beffore the next game and trust me holmes we will SWEEP looser Datroit right out of there and win it all again! Jackson is such a foole he makes me sick and allso another thing what is up with the K-FC over on Deederville Road not takking checks anymore unreal what a ripoff! I been paying them checks for years and years and now all of the sudden they say they say of you bounce even ONE or two little checks they wont take any more from you what a JOKE and a JIPP and a ripoff they make me SICK how am I suppost to get me one of them Dale Junior Buckets now! HOW! HUH! HOW! Its a ripoff and they wont even listen how it is all the banks fault and how the bank is ripping me off and I TOLD the damn stupid kid at the drive thru how it is not my fault i been writting them chacks for like 10 years now and he still wont give me my damn Dale Junior Bucket! He say you can use you credit card now! What a desgrace what is this Holleywood or something! We arent all big actor people with fancy credit cards to buy fryed chicken with we are normal people who pay with checks! What if you cant get a credit card because the bank hates you and ripps you off all the time! Huh! What about that! I am sick of these stupid liberals making it so that you cant buy a bucket of chicken in this country with a check anymore cram it Hillery I gots to eat and damn it gimme my damn chicken how am I suppost to get a damn credit card with all the banks against me! Huh! How you little stupid kid at the KFC drive through who wont give me my damn Dale Junior Bucket! Huh! How! I went out back and keyed up that little JERKs car real good! I think it was his car it looked like the car of a stupid kid who wont give you you're rightul bucket of extracrispy! So I had to watch the damn game eating a can of damn befaroney instead of the bucket of chicken that was lawful MINE! Which is a JIPPPP!!!! I will not stand for this damn nonsince it is a desgrace!!! So FIRE PHILL JACKSON NOW JACKSON MUST GO!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

LIGHTENINGSS LIGHTENINGS YESYESYES!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Yes I called it I told you all how my AWESOME Tampa Lightenings was going to win the National Championship and we did!!! YES YESYES cram it all of you in you faces I am a CHAMPION again and you jealous jerks can go cry in you cornflakes because you will NEVER know what it is like to be a CHAMPION like me and my Lightenings! I am going to make my own Stanlys Cup out of allummenum foil and paper lachey and bring it all around town with me when I get tore up on whisky and fortys tonight and partay and celbrate and tip over cars and show the whole WORLD how I am so pshyched because my LIGHTENINGS won the Stanlys Cup and are NATIONAL CHAMPS just like I perdicted!!! HAw I cant wait to put a joy bag on fire at the door of that jerk Randy two lots over who wears this stupid Redwings shirt HAW what a looser he is going to get it from me because MY team is CHAMPS and I will probaly key up his car or tip over his tool shed or something to show him how he is a LOOSER and my team is awesomer and MY team won and his can go screw!! It is so awesome to win a big championship like this and to have perdicted it in advance like I did to show you all who is the REAL winner!! ME!!!!!!! Just wait untell I have my home made Stanlys Cup and I am driving it around town all night blasting out my horn and cranking up my stereo to play We Are National Champions My Friends by The Queens which is what I always rock out to whenever my teams win it all!!!! We will see who the looser is THEN!!! Hawhawhaw!!!! YES YES YES LIGHTENINGS RULE!!! NATIONAL CHAMPS I CALLED IT!!!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

WHO is in first place! YANKEES!!!! WHO is about to sweep to ANOTHER national championship! LAKERS!!!! THAT'S WHO!!!! MY teams WIN AGAIN!!!!! YESSSS!! It is so awesome to be me too bad for you jealous loosers that you cant be like me I am always dubelicated never imatated! WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Cram it all in all you faces I RULE!!!! YANKEES YANKEES YANKEES DUKE DUKE LAKERS LAKERS LAKERS UCON UCON YUCON UCON!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

Yo dawgs what is up! I been real buszy playing exbox and working doubles and allso writting this awesome artical about the NBA it kicks ass yo I am going to sell it to some famous maggazene for big bucks probaly The Playboy or NY Times or Wallstreet Journel! Anyways check it out you can see it rules and so if you are in charge of one of them maggazenes then send me a big pile of money and I will let you print up my artical! It is called "The 5 Most Awesomest Baskeball Teams of All Times EVER!" It is here

Five Most Awesomest Baskeball Teams EVER!

1. LAKERS champs and asskickers cram it all you jealous hatas face facts LAKERS RULE and we are going to fourpeat AGAIN!!!

2. LAKERS from last time we won it back beffore last year when we should of won it but the reffs cheated against us and Phill Jackson was all hurt and couldent coach it wasent fair they should of poseponned the playoffs but no the league always cheats against Lakers well whose laughing NOW!!! ME thats who!!!

3. Lakers the year beffore that when we won it ALL again!!

4. Minnsoda Timberwolfs! Come on they have MVP Kevin Garnet who is so awesome and badass and super star that he could even start for Lakers! Allso they have Lutrelle Spreewul who kicks ass and he makes manny shots and scored points and he dont take any crap he will choke his coach if he feels like it so stay the hell out of his way bucko! So even though they choked and got sweeped out by Lakers they are real good and one of the best teams of all times!

4. The team of Bulls in the olden days with Micheal Jordan! We were so awesome I called it we won it all and it RULED! Hardly no one except baskeball experts like me remmembers back when Bulls werent a crappy looser joke of a team but I do!! They had this guy called Micheal Jorden and he was the best player of all times untell Shack came allong and kicked him out of the league! In the olden days Jorden could dunk the ball all the time and he would slam it right through the basket and no one could stop him he had the best comercials and sneakers and movies out of anyone untell Shack! Too bad no one rememmbers him now that the NBA has gotten so good! But todays NBA players are better then the oldtimers like Jordan and them! Players now in modern times are all faster and bigger and stronger and jump better and shove harder and dont take any crap from anyone because they are so badass! Haw can you emangine Micheal Jorden with his olden days sneakers trying to play verse Shack or Coby or LeBaron or Darrick Fish Hawhawhaw he would have no chance! But in the olden days he was good verse other olden days players so this team should get on the list for oldtimes sake!!

5. Then in the even older days back when they wore werdo tight little shorts they had a awesome team with Larry Berd and Magical Jones on it and they won all the championships and was so awesome for olden days! I use to watch them back then but come on they wouldent have a chance at all against modern superstars of today!

So there you go! Your wellcome!

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