Wednesday, July 28, 2004

YO CHECK IT OUT!!!!! I just got a email back from the Great Derrick Jeeter! It is really him I am not making this up for shizzle trust me this is my REAL awesome interview with the Great Derrick Jeeter! Carm it all you jealous playa hatas in you faces!! Here is the interview!!!!!

Me: Dear Great Derrick Jeeter! It is me King Awesome Dawg Man (I use to be called Bandwagon Boy in olden days!] Here is my first qestion! Derrick Jeeter you are so awesome and rule over everone and are the greatest base ball player of all times! You always win the CHAMPIONSHIP and kick everones ass and they are all so JEALOUS of you!

Derrick Jeeter: Yes!

Me: Thats right dawg we agree! Jeeter Rules and Yankees RULE and everone else is just JEALOUS and a looser!!!

Derrick Jeeter: Yes you are right again Bandwagon Boy! This is really me the Great Derrick Jeeter you are not making this up and any one who says you are is a punkass LIER who needs to go and CRAM it!!!

Me: Yes that is true Derrick Jeeter! Now the other day you had to bust out a can of wippass on the looser Red Sox who cheat and choke and make me SICK!

Derrick Jeeter: Yes I punch them all in the face and kick them in the nads when the reff wasent looking because they are jiveass PUNKS and loosers who have no class and are jealous of me!! I hate them all and I will do it again if they dont back off!! I hate that Padro Ramirez he is a cheater and throws his pitches at peoples heads and I will kick him right in the nads or maybe key up his car when he isent looking! And that cather Jassen Baratak is a punk too I will coldclock him too I AM DERRICK JEETER AND I AM THE MAN AND I RULE!!!! EVERONE ELSE CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!! EXSPECIALLY PUNKASS HATAS LIKE BILLY RAY WHO WORKS WITH BANDWAGON BOY AND WHO SHOOT OFF HIS FOOLE MOUTH SO MUCH NEXT TIME I AM IN TOWN I WILL KICK HIS ASS TOO!!!

Me: Yes you are very smart and that is so true! Allso now that you have the Awesome Arod Ramirez on you team Yankees cant be stopped! You are the most awesomest team of all times and have all the superstars and win all you games and will win the national champsionship AGAIN this year!

Derrick Jeeter: Yes! You are right again Bandwagon Boy you are so smart I can tell you are a real WINNER like me we are just alike we should hang out and chill and be in each others possys! It is so nice to talk to a famouse awardwinning sport jornelest like you instead of the regular jerks that I talk to who are just jealous they should all cram it!

Me: Yes that is true! Now did you read the awesome peoms that were in my famous Derrick Jeeter Poetry Contest that I had?

Derrick Jeeter: yes of course I read you balogg ever day it is the best page on the whole interweb thats why it wins all them awards all the time! Them peoms RULE and kick ass!

Me: Yes! Does any other NY Yankees read my awesome balogg!

Derrick Jeeter: Yes everone! Except that choker idiot Joe Torry he use to take you advise back when we were winning all the CHAMPSIONSHIPS but the last couple years he dident take you advise and so we CHOKED and lost in the playofs like a bunch of jive turkeys but now that Torry is FINELY reading you advise again we are kicking everones ass and will win it all again! So thank you Bandwagon Boy you are the big reason why YANKEES RULE!!!!

Me: Your wellcome! All WINNERS read my websight! So now that we are tight homys when are we going to hang out and chill and find some Hot girls to knock boots with!

Derrick Jeeter: I will give you my private digets and you can call me up and we will drink 40s and get tore up on whisky and ride around in my awesome Cadillack Excalade with the spinning rimms and the tricked out ingine and fur steering wheel and cordless phone and bar of booze in back and DVVD player and all like that dawg! It will be saweet holmes! All the girls will want us because we are WINNERS and everone who is a hata is just JEALOUS and can CRAM it!

Me: Aight dawg I am down with that! We can go to this hot club I know called Shebooms and we will be able to cut right to the front of the line and it is going to ROCK! Now remember back when you dived into the crowd to catch that ball and you did and smashed up you face and won the championship and it was the bets play of all times!!

Derrick Jeeter: Yes that RULED!

Me: True dat! And then you grabbed you jock and said cram that one beyotches I am Derrick Jeeter and you can all suck it!!!

Derrick Jeeter: Yes I schooled them all and punked them right out on TV!! Hawhawhaw!!

Me: That ruled! Wow its great to have this awesome interview so you can FINELY tell you story without a bunch of punkass looser sportwritters messing it all up with lies and hate!

Derrick Jeeter: Yes I can finely get a chance to tell all my fans out there the REAL story and get a fair chance without all the LIES spread against me by the hatas who are all loosers and probaly love the Redsox or something! hawhawhawhaw!

Me: Hawhahwhawhaw! Redsox!

Derrick Jeeter: Let me tell you something everone who is reading this I am DERRICK JEETER and I KICK ALL ASS and I am sick of you all hating on me with you lies I WON MORE RINGS THEN ANYONE so go to H-E-double hockeysticks if you dont like it! I keep it REAL yo do you know what I am saying G! I have more bling then any of you except for Arod Ramirez who is in my possy but I am still the KING because I told him to get his ass to third place because I am the short stop and I am the KING I AM JETES you been served Arod you punk!! Now he know his place and we are tight again! He will chill with us Bandwagon Boy dont worry I will tell him to! He loves you websight too!!

Me: Yes! He is a good player too he hits the ball real hard and can catch the ball and throw it to first place and he is famous and makes more bling then ANYONE! WOW it is so aweosme to have the best players on my YANKEES I cant wait untell we finely get Big Unet Johnston and get rid of them scruub pithers! When will we get Big Unet Johnston!

Derrick Jeeter: Trust me holmes we will have Johnsten on YANKEES in a couple days! Yankees always get whoever we want and we will get shed of those looser choker pitchers who suck and costed us some games! but even anyways we are still in first place by a million games and the pennet is locked up! And now the World Series is going to be locked up too which is good because that is the only time any one ever watches base ball because the reglar seasson is borring and stupid but the playoffs RULE that is when I start trying and that is when I win my championships and this year will be no different!

Me: That is so awesome! Well Derrick Jeeter that is all the time we have! It is awesome to email with you like this and that it is really you and this is REAL and not made up at all no matter what Billy Ray says! Oviously it is you you email address DerrickJeeeter@hotmail.com PROOVES it is you so those loosers can all go cram that one!

Derrick Jeeter: Yo piece out dawg! YOU RULE and are my best friend!

Me: Word out dawg! Give me you private digets and we will chill at Shebooms when I have time!

So there you have it the best interview of all time with the best base ball player of all times who I am very tight with and it is REAL!! IN YOU FACE PLAYA HATAS!!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Yo I am so MAD I am going to punch the damn wall or something! Those JERKS Redsox picked a FIGHT with my Yankees the other day and they aught to be all locked up in JAIL! The JERK Padro Ramirez hit the Great Arod with a pitch to start the big fight! Unreal you know he did it on perpose! And then when the Great Arod Ramirez was just mineding his own busness the stupid Redsox catcher Jaysen Baratak all get in his face and scream swears right at him! And then he hit him with a sucker punch I seen the whole thing! The Great Arod Ramirez kicked his ass of course it was AWESOME and then all the Yankees run out onto the field to kick the looser redsox ass all over the place! And they did except for the five redsox who all ganged up on the Yankees looser pitcher and hurt him real bad! Unreal that is so unfair I am against this kind of desgracefull violents and all of the redsox should be suspendered for a year! I am so mad! The Yankees looser scrub pitcher Canyen Sterns was hurt so bad he couldent even pitch anymore and so they had to put in a bunch of other scrubs and let the looser redsox finely win because they knew redsox would of CHEATED them even more so they said yo screw this we arent going to even try let the loosers win the game we dont care! And then they let them win again on Sunday because Yankees are all about CLASS and they wont stoop to the lowclass looser level of choker Redsox! I hope next time they play that my Yankees kick all the cheater redsox right in the nads to show them who is boss! YANKEES! And they aught to pitch one right at that Padro Ramirez too he started the whole thing as usual! He is a creep! This just shows how the medias and the bosses of base ball have it in for Yankees we cant ever even get a fair shake! We should of won that game by forfit as soon as that Baratak started screaming swears! Its not fair and it stinks and I am mad as hell!! Cram it redsox you allways choke anyways and you NEVER win Yankees ALLWAYS win and we will win again and we will beat you all up so bad you will be blew in the face you CHOKERS!!!! CRAM IT I hate Redsox they stink who cares anyways CHAMPION Marlons are my team anyways!!! And Yankees!! Who RULE!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

WOW UNREAL GUESS WHAT I just got a email from this guy who is a big boss man for YANKEES!! And he says the Great Derrick Jeeter LOVES my peotry contest about him and wants to do a esclusive INTERVIEW with me for my balogg!!! THIS IS AWESOME AND RULES THIS = THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE IT IS SO GREAT TO BE A BIG CELBRETY SPORT WRITTER LIKE ME all of you jealous jerks who doubted me can go and CRAM it this shows you all how I am the BEST and you are all playa hatas!! In you FACES!!!!

Here is the email it comes from yankeefrontofficeman@hotmail.com and it goes "Dear Bandwagon Boy, I am a front office man for the Yankees. No, not Mr. Stienbrenner, but one of his top men. We all love your website and its Fair and Balanced reporting on sports and the Yankees. I've spoken with Derek Jeter, and he is flattered by your awesome poetry contest, and is willing to do an exclusive interview with your site. He said to just email him at his email address, DerrickJeeter@hotmail.com, and he will answer your questions that way. Keep up the good work!"

So you see it is true that everone loves me and my Fair and Balanced raporting and the Yankees LOVE my websight and Derrick Jeeter cant wait untell he gets to talk to me and I RULE and my balogg RULES and I WIN AGAIN and this is the best thing that ever happened EVER!!!!!!

I am thinking up some awesome questions to ask the Great Derrick Jeeter and I will email them to him and then he will answer them and we will probaly become best buddys and close palls and we will be in each others possys and be tight and chill and we will be homeys and he will hire me up as a consultent and it is going to KICK ASS!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

This poem was sended in by some girl named Jeeter Lover. It is very werd and not as good as the one beffore but you now how girls are! They are dumb and dont know about the sports! But sense it is all about how she loves Jeeter I will cut her a break and publesh it anyways because I am so nice and kined!

It goes like this

"Hi, Bandwagon Boy.
Here's my Derek Jeter poem.  If only he had gone to Duke.

The hypnotic thrusts
Of Derek Jeter's powerful buttocks
As he runs down the first base line
Stays with me long after
The thrill of another Yankee victory
Has faded
The power and majesty
And physical beauty
That is Derek Jeter
Supplants even the great Yankee tradition
In my heart.
Call it blasphemy if you will
But I would rather have intimate relations
With Derek Jeter
Than even have dinner with Bob Costas
Gazing into his eyes while he tells me
How Mickey Mantle liked his squash prepared
Even though I'm not gay
My heart and indeed my throbbing manhood
Will always belong to Derek
And I love Coach K and Shaq too
And Kobe is innocent because that girl is a whore
Peace out

I hope I win the contest.
-Jeter Lover"

Yo what up dawgs! The big news is we got another peom in my Awesome Derrick Jeeter Poetry Contest!!! And it rocks! It is sent in my some girl name Adrey and it is very good and smart! Here it is!

"Derek Jeter
by Audrey

Everyone loves Derek Jeter
Because he is the best
No one really could be greater
He's better than the rest

The Yankees are the best team
I could watch them every day
The one way they'd be better
Would be if their coach was the Great Coach Kay


I hope you liked my poem!"

WOW that is like the BEST most awesomest peom I ever read! It talks about how Jeeter RULEZ and kicks everones ass and how ever one else can go CRAM IT because Yankees RULE and allso how Duke and Lakers and The Great Coach Kay allso RULE!! This poem is so great that I am going to type it up and print it out and tape it up on my wall of my living room where I use to keep my Lakers CHAMPS teeshirt that I threw to the trash after they traded Shack! I am allso going to carry this peom around with me all the time to whip it out and read it to everone who is so JEALOUS of the Great Derrick Jeeter and Yankees and how we RULE!!!

So there you go we have the best peom EVER so far sended in by Adrey! Keep sending in you peoms about how AWESOME the Great Derrick Jeeter is and if you write up a good one I will PUBLESH it right here for everone in the world to read! Wow unreal but it is true!!

PS to Anthoney from New Jerssy no I dont pay you any money for you peom it wasent even that good and dident even rhime and it talk too much about Arod Ramirez! It is suppost to be about Jeeter not Arod!!! And I dont' pay money anyways I allready made this awesome awardwinning balogg for you to read for FREE isent that enough I do and do and do for you people and all you do is hold out you hand and beg for more well forget it I am a very buszy and importent man and I dont have time to be paying you money for you stupid poem it isent as good as Adreys anyhow!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Yo here is the next awesome poem in my Derrick Jeeter Poem Contest! It is wrote by some guy who is named nyyankfan and it goes like this "Derek is awesome he is number one he rulez the most and we love him a ton Yankees are the best we always win it all because Derek Jeter is the best player in all of baseball!" WOW that is a awesome peom it even rimes and everthing! It is so true!! Unreal how great that peom is it is like the Arod Ramirez of peotry! Thank you for writting that saweet peom nyyankfan you are very smart! So there you have it keep sending in you poeoms about the Great Derrick Jeeter and if you are very lucky I will publesh your right here on this very famous websight and everone in the world will see it and realize how great Derrick Jeeter is!! He RULEZ!! My contest Rulez!! My Balogg rulez! And YANKEES RULE!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Wow I just saw the most awesomest peom of all times! It is about the Great Derrick Jeeter of course! This guy who written it is name Frank D. Ford and he must of heard about my awesome Derrick Jeeter Peotry contest I had a couple years ago because he wroted up a peom about Derrick Jeeter and how awesome he is! And the peom RULES!!! It is here in this websight


Here is the peom it is great you wish you had people writting them about you or you looser teams well face facts you DON'T!!!

"But our guy is never at the top of the stats, He just makes the plays and takes his at-bats. Even at short, he's no way the best, Because everyone knows that's A-Rod-riguez. But for all the hot-shots, there is no one neater. Than the guy who wears the deuce, the ace, Derek Jeter."

That is a aweosme peom! only there is a dumb part where he say Jeeter isent at the top of the stats! WRONG! He has won more CHAMPIONSHIPS then anyone else EVER! THAT is the stats that I am talking about!! RINGS!!!! Plus allso he is better at short stop then even Arod Ramerez! Lookit who is playing short stop and lookit who is stuck at third place!! Look! JEETER is the MAN!!He is in first place again!!! He dived into the crowd last week to win the big champion ship again because he is so Special!! He hurt his face all up and then he came out of the crowd with the ball and he say YESSSSS I caught it beeyotches cram that one!! I RULE!!! In you face Padro Ramerez that is what you get for throwing that pitch at Rodger Clemmens last year!! YANKEES WON ANYWAYS AND NOW YANKEES WIN AGAIN YANKEES ALWAYS WIN!!!!! So sense the Great Derrick Jeeter is so awesome I am going to have another peom contest about him! So far that one by that Frank D. Ford guy is the first one! Can you write a better one then why don't you! Send it to me and shut up and quit talking about it and do it and write you poem and send it in to bandwagonboy@hotmail.com the winner of the big contest will win a neat prize!!!

Monday, July 12, 2004


My insider sources tell me that the Great SHACK is going to be traded to the Miami Heats!!!! Unreal!!!! Wow how could Lakers be so damn dumb I bet this is why the Great Coach Kay told them to go and screw!! If Coach Kay was there he would of kept Shack wow Lakers are you ever dumb I bet this was all Phill Jackson idear! Well the good news is how my favrite team Miami Heats now RULE and are the big favrites to win it all!! Too bad for looser Lakers you are going down the crapper well to bad for you you all choked in the playoffs this year so I have no use for you anyways Shack is going to win it all again now that he is away from the CHOKERS!! Maybe he will aks his good friend Coby Bryan to come and play with him on the Heats he will say yo Coby I need some good players in my possey to win it all again why dont you come out here and be my backup plan to shoot when I get triple and qadreppled teamed up! And Coby will say Yo Shack I will do whatever you want because I am a champion and a great team player and once I get out of prison for rapping all them girls I will come be in you possey again and we will win mad rings and get much bling do you know what I am saying yo!!! So that is what will probaly happen you heard it here first face facts HEATS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

YO CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME NEWS!!! My topsecret insider sorces have found out how the Great Coach Kay is telling Lakers to go screw!!! He will stay at Duke and not take all the money and so he is a Heroe and a great American and you all should be telling him how great it is that he is staying at Duke to be a great Heroe and save baskeball forever!!!

Encase you were too dumb to read my awesome balogg a couple days ago I told you all how the Lakers who use to be awesome tried to make Coach Kay take them over and be they new coach! They gave him $8 million dollers money and said Yo we were choker loosers last year why dont you take over and WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! And The Great Coach Kay was so loyale to DUKE that he said yo what are you doing getting rid of the Awesome Shack! I am not going to coach some looser team you better get Shack back because I dont coach looser crappy garbage teams if you dont have the awesomest players of all time then I dont coach! So I will not take all you money because I am too much of a Heroe and a awesome Genious! So go and screw Lakers I use to like you but now I hate you!

So now everone can see how DUKE rules and it is a better place then Los Angles! I called it I told you all that he wouldent EVER leave Duke because he is loyale and heroec and Duke = champions and is the college of WINNERS! What a brave Heroe! I bet none of you loosers and playa hatas out there ever turned down $8 million money and stayed coach at Duke instead! Did you! NO!! You arent fit to tie the shoes of the Awesome Coach Kay who Saved Baskeball with his Heroe decision to tell the Lakers to cram it! You all need to say thank you to Coach Kay for saving all of baskeball! Say it NOW!! Face facts Coach Kay is the biggest Heroe in the world! I bet they are going to change the name of Duke College to Coach Kay College! That is what they should do and whoever is in charge needs to do that NOW!! And you all need to say thank you to the great Heroe Coach Kay so do it NOW!


Thursday, July 01, 2004

YES YES YES YESSSSS!! The big news is how the Great Coach Kay is going to coach my LAKERZ!! This is the best thing that ever happened to anybody ever in all times! LAKERS ARE BACK BABAY!!!! This is so awesome I cant belief it I am so glad that I got the looser Phill Jackson FIRED! Wow unreal the best coach of all sports of all times is going to coach SHACK and COBY the best players of all sports of all times!!! Unreal I cant wait my Lakers are BACK!!! This is so awesome now the Great Coach Kay will be the first coach EVER to win it all in college and the pros in the same year no one will stop us now! Lucky he is so awesome because it would be hard for some coaches to keep flying from South Carolina to LA all the time but maybe he can have his assistences coach Lakers when he coaches Duke in the March Madniss and then he can be back to Lakers in time for the playoffs which is all that matters anyhow! This is so awesome! Now he can get Cristiane Latner and Bobby Hurrily and Shean Battiere all on Lakers and he will get them to stop playing like garbage and to become awesome again now that he is they coach again! And Shack and Coby never even went to college so now they can go to Duke and play for Duke at the same time as they play for Lakers!! Hawhawhaw this is so awesome I cant wait for baskeball to start again!!!! This is the best news of all times!!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! THE GREAT COACH KAY WILL WIN THE MARCH MADNESS AND THE NBA PLAYOFFS AND YOU ALL CAN CRAM IT BECAUSE YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST YOU JIVE TURKIES I TOLD YOU ALL IN YOU FACES LAKERS AND DUKE NUMBER #1 AND NATIONAL CHAMPS OF THE NBA AND COLLEGE AT THE SAME TIME THIS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

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