Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Yo dawgs what is up! Here is a FACT for you all! Sense my Wake Forrest is NUMBER #1 ONE in college baskeball we are oviously the best team of all times! The FACTS say that everything that happens right now is better then anything that happened in the olden days back when them old slow little guys played! Oviously! Sense we are NUMBER #1 ONE of the whole WORLD right now then oviously we are better then anyone EVER!
Dont even talk about them olden days guys with they tight little shorts and dumb haircuts who couldent even hardly dunk! They cant touch the awesome athaletes of today! Them old guys from of four or five YEARS ago are over rated and could never stay with our modern guys who are bigger and stronger and better then they ever were! So FACE FACTS we are the best team of all times! Name any team they would loose to us because they are all old hasbins and nobodys! Come on wake up and face FACTS!!
Wake forrest = best team of all TIMES!!

Monday, November 22, 2004

BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The stupit NBA suspendered the Great Ron Artess forever! This sucks! They need him out there! No one would even be talking about the NBA without him!!!! Well the good news is how this wont stop him! I bet he comes back and plays with a mask on and no one will reconize him! But it will really be him! Just like in the wrassling when Dustie Roads was suspendered but he wore a Mask and fought anyways as the Midnite Writer and he won all his fights and then at the end he took off his mask and everone was SHOCKED how it was really Dustie! So that is just what the great Ron Artess is going to do! You watch he will come back and play in a mask and no one will even reconize him and he will kick all ass and everone will be like who is this new guy for Pasers whe wears a mask all the time he is named NBA Destroyer Number 1 from parts unknowed! This guy is awesome and plays just like Artess Pasers are lucky they gots him! And then the NBA Destoyer will lead them to the CHAMPIONSHIP and win the big game! And then he will whip off his masks and it will be Ron Artess! Everone will be shocked except for me because I CALLED IT!! This is going to RULE it is going to be the best baskeball year of all times just you watch!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to NBA for suspendering Artess but it wont stop him just u wait!!!!!!!!!

Wow UNREAL did you see that awesome game!!! That was the best baskeball game I ever seen of all times!! The best part was when Ron Artess and that other guy beat the crap out of them fat kids who run on the court! COOL!!!!!! The big fight was started by Ron Artess when he punk out Ben Wallis! But it was pretty borring untell Artess lied down on the table in front of all them fans and they start hitting him with beers! I would of done the same thing trust me you dont just lay down on top of the table in MY house beeyotch! So anyways Artess gets hit with the beer and goes and punks out some little white nurd and the nurd look like he going to cry! Haw hawhawhaw that was the funnyest thing I ever seen! And then this cool guy in a Wallis shirt goes off and puts the smack down on Artess!!!!! No fake he was rabid punching him right in the head untell Jackson come over and whup his ass! And then it gots better! Jumane O'Neil was kicking ass verse a bunch of punks in the crowd and then Artess and that other guy beat the snot out of them fat kids! And then they all gots trash and drinks throwed at them when they were running off the court!! That was AWESOME this was even better then WWE because with WWE you know there is going to be a big fight but the crowd hardly ever gets they ass kicked! But this time you dident even know there was to be a fight and then there was and it was awesome that was the best NBA game of all TIMES!! They need to have fights like that in ever game I would watch the NBA once in a while if it was like that! So congrads to Ron Artess he ROCKS and is rebel and dont take no crap from punks! You can see why he is going to be the next big superstar of wrapping I cant wait to buy his alblum now that he is a badass maybe he can chill with Eminam and Fitty Cent and they can all do a alblum together!! And then Wallis from my CHAMPION Pisstens can come running out in a interview and coldclock Artess with a chair! And then Doctor Dray and Snopp Dawggy Dawg would help Wallis and they would have a big FIGHT verse Eminams possy and it would RULE!!!!!! And then Trippel H would come in and hit everone with chairs and then us badass Pisstens fans would throw water at everone!! This is going to RULE it is going to be the BEST time of all in the histery of sports and wrapping and TV all at once!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Yo what is up holmeses! Have you heard all about the latest with this NBA jerk Ron Artess! Unreal he quit the team so he could make a wrapping C-D! Wow what a jerk u never heard of Shack or Alan Iversen quitting they team to do that! They played anyways when they made they awesome wrapping alblums! That is how u r suppost to do it! Duh! This Artess sounds like a quitter to me I use to like him but now I hate him because he is a CHOKER who never won it all and now he is doing this to his team! I cant belief he would do this I am so mad I cant wait untell his C-D comes out and I can buy it and find out what all this controvercy is all about! He will be so sorry when his C-D comes out and everone listens to it and makes fun at him for it! He will never live this one down what a foole! When I do my wrapping C-D in a couple years u better belief that I will not quit my team to do it I am a champion and a awesome team mate so I would NEVER quit my team to make a wrapping C-D if I was on a team! So anyways the point is that he = JERK and we all hate him and when his C-D comes out he will be real sorry and learn his lessen and no one will ever pull this stunt again! In my day we had REAL athaletes who would do they wrapping alblums in the OFFSEASON because they were CHAMPIONS and good guys! Like u r suppost to do! JERK!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

FINELY baskeball is BACK and we have some thing to watch in TV between the foot ball games!! This year is going to RULE because my faverite team is my awesome KANSASS JAWHAWKS and we are NUMBER #1 this year!! THIS RULES AND IS THE BEST WE DESSERVE IT SO MUCH ITS ABOUT TIME!!! We have the best team of the world we have the awesome Brian Simian and that guy who shoots the ball real good and that floppy haired white kid who plays pointer guard! So you see we are LOADED with SUPERSTARS who cant be stopped! If you like some other college you better just shut up and face facts which is that KANSASS RULES!!!! Sense i am so nice to you people I will post up my COLLEGE BASKEBALL POLE which shows all the rankings of the very TOP teams who RULE this year! For free! Unreal how lucky you all are!!

2. UCON-- AWESOME WORLD CHAMPS we still are great but that big guy and that Ben guy dropped out fo college to go hard ship wo we wont win it all this year oh well who cares Kansass rules anyways!!
3. DUKE-- The Great Coach Kay is going to let some other teams win some games this year because he is going to get tham all overconfident and then come back and kick they ass!! Plus allso we will get higher draft picks if we loose a bunch of games! So who cares anyways Duke isent even trying! But then we WILL and catch you all offguard and SHOCK the WORLD and all you playa hatas will be so sorry! Just you wait you will see!! Anyways who cares no one cares about baskeball anyways!

4. Wake Forest -- they have that Paul Chritsopher guy who is awesome but they rest all suck! They are pretty good for a looser college!

3. Georgia Tech-- I use to love these guys last year they were my forth faverite team in the whole college baskeball league but now they got rid of some of they best players and so they arent so good any more!

4. CAROLINA IS BACK BABAY IN YOU FACES WE RULE AND ARE AWESOME AGAIN!! Rushab Mcant = best player of all in the world!!!

. Illinois (2) 26-7 1,457 13
6. Syracuse 23-8 1,452 20
7. Oklahoma State (2) 31-4 1,342 4
8. Connecticut 33-6 1,281 7
9. Kentucky (1) 27-5 1,177 2
10. Arizona 20-10 1,061 22
11. Duke 31-6 981 5
12. Mississippi State 26-4 913 8
13. Michigan State 18-12 910 --
14. Louisville 20-10 876 --
15. Maryland 20-12 765 19
16. Texas 25-8 671 12
17. Pittsburgh 31-5 596 9
18. Alabama 20-13 510 --
19. N.C. State 21-10 490 15
20. Notre Dame 19-13 429 --
21. Wisconsin 25-7 378 10
22. Washington 19-12 355 --
23. Florida 20-11 337 --
24. Memphis 22-8 283 24
25. Gonzaga 28-3 215 3

So there you see my awesome Top 25 college baskeball pole it is so much better then all them other poles that are for loosers! I do so much resserch and investigading to make my SCIENTIFFIC pole that you wouldent belief it i watch all kind of vidio tapes and look at the USA Today and Street Smiths and other bigtime insider magazenes to get the FACTS that no one else will give you just ME!! That is why my pole is the best pole you will ever see!!! You're wellcome!!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Yo what is wrong with u loosers I been checking my awesome massage board and a lot of u have been going to my awesome Preemeum page and not paying for it! Cut it out dammit! Send me the damn ten cent u OWE ME!! Why r u all so CHEAP and acting like loosers! WHY! I will use my topsecret computer program to fid out who u are and where u live and I will key up you're cars or light up you're trash cans on fire if you dont PAY UP NOW!!! Dont be a cheap stealer who steals because he is cheap! I will catch you trust me u cant run and u cant hide!! So mail me my gotdamn ten cent evertime you go over to that preemeum page you JERKS!!!

PS check out my awesome massage board it RULZ and is the best! It is full of topsecret incite and info on my awesome teams!! AND PAY ME MY GOTDAMM MONEY!!!!!

YES YES YES I CALLED IT I TOLD U ALL HOW "W" BUSH WAS GONNA WIN!!! AND THEN WE DID!!! Hawhaw cram it liberals everone hates u and wants u to go back to russia with you're hating on the war and you're tax loving and you're gay marrages! Now we have The King for Presdent and not some long faced droopy looser!! Now America is going to totally KICK ASS AGAIN!!!!! Look out foreners you're NEXT!!!! Now we will FINELY be safe! So all you playa hatas like Rodger Moore and Al Franklen can go screw! In u faces America ROCKS we are the KINGS of Earth and number #1 of all!!!!!! YES YES YES YES!!!! GEORGE "W" BUSCH = DA MAN WE WIN WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FREINDS AND WE'LL KEEP ON FIGHTING UNTELL WE WIN NO TIME FOR LOOSERS WE R THE CHAMPSIONS WE R THE CHAMPIONS WE R THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! That is the song by The Queens that I allways sing after my awesome teams win it all again and now that we have won the big election I am singing it everhwere I go and flipping off the librels!!! Hawhawhaw cram it this is the best thing that ever happened I cant WAIT untell I get my big tax cut I am going to buy the awesome new Eminam C-D with it and ROCK out!!!! WE R THE CHAMPIONS WE R THE CHAMPIONS NO TIME FOR LOOSERS BECAUSE WE R THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 01, 2004

The sports suck lately! I am sick of everthing! It use to RULE in the olden days! Lookit the stupid foot ball stupid Patriets played STUPID and I am sick of it!!! I demand excellents not a bunch of stupid playing! Wake up and stop being LOOSERS I am so sick of this crap!!! Bellyshack you gots one week to wake up and stop being a looser or else you need to be FIRED!!! And Tom Braddy what is you probalem I dont cheer for you to loose and make stupid plays!! U better stop loosing and start kicking ass again NOW!!!! Or else u SUCK!!!! I am sick of sports SUCKING what is up with that yo! At least my Redsox are still champions and RULE but baseball is looser and borring anyways! Now foot ball is starting to suck what is up with that thank god we FINELY Get the NBA back everone cant wait! But even the NBA isent as good with the great Shack and Coby on diffrent teams it is all weird and no fun now! Why dont they make Shack and Coby and Iversen and TMac and LeBaron all get on ONE team that would RULE and kick ass of all times!! Why wont they do this are they STUPIT!! Why is everthign so sucky and stupid!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO everthing!!!!

Yo what up holmeses! I gots to get shed of a bunch of crappy old cloths that I use to wear but now that I am all buffed out and strong they dont fit me no more and plus allso I have some new cloths that are better anyways! So buy or trade me for these cloths that I dont need but you loosers probaly would like!
Floreda Marlons World Champs hat!
Arod Ramirez Yankees jerssy it is kind of gots a coupel of rips in it from the other day but you could sew it up no proablem!
Lakers Shack jerssy!
Marryland baskeball shirt it is old but in good shape I hardly never wore it!
Tampa Bucs football Super Bowel hat!
Miammi college football jacket it is a coupel years old but looks good!
New York Yankees hat!
New Jerssy Devil Rays (that is hockey team) Staley Cups teeshirt!
USA Olympec baskeball jerssy of LeBaron James!
I will trade you any of these things for cool teeshirts and jerssys and hats of USSC NUMBER #1 of college foot ball or a WORLD CHAMP Red Sox shirt if it is of Kurt Shilling or Padro Ramirez! Or maybe a Shack jerssy of MIAMMI Heats!
So buy this stuff now or trade me it! You cant afford not to!!

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