Thursday, January 27, 2005


UNreal I never seen a bunch of reffs cheat against a team beffore like they did last night when they STOLE the game from Duke! They called this bad call against Duke and I couldent even belief it it was so bad I would of keyed up they cars if I knew where they parked! You should of seen the Great Coach Kay he was so mad he was yelling right at them ponting out that they had made a bad call and the stupid cheating reffs dident even change it!!! No fake he told them right there that they were WRONG but they wouldent even listen to him!!! Dont they know who he is!!!

Wow they are in for it now when Coach Kay calls up they bosses and gets them FIRED!!! He will probaly even have them put in jail for cheating except that it was probaly part of the Great Coach Kay's Secret Trick Plan to loose a couple games on perpose to trick the other teams beffore the March Madness! The last few years Duke has been too awesome beffore March Madness and then the other teams save up all they luck and beat Duke when the reffs help them out!

Plus Duke use to have better players but they were allso CHOKERS so now the Great Coach Kay is going with scrubs who suck but who are clutch Winners who wont choke like those loosers Lou Al Dung and Dohonn did last year! It is another Genious stratergy and prooves why Coach Kay is the BEST!! It better work because I am sick of Duke loosing in the March Madness like chokers they need to start winning CHAMPIONSHIPS again soon because it has been too long!! Anyways who cares my faverite team is Illnoise who is UNDEFETED and will never loose like I allready told you all!

So the point is the reffs CHEATED and stole the game from Duke but it doesent even matter because it is part of the Plan and because my Illnoise is still undeffeted! SO cram that one you hatas!!

I went and seen the WORST movie ever the other night with the old ballandchain! She kept crying and whinning about going to see this new movie that is full of all kind of awards and is suppost to be very good! So to shut her up I brung her to it!

It is called Sidewards and it is crummy! It is all about this cool guy who is the dumb guy from Wings who is going to get marryed so oviously he needs to go and get some from some other girls beffore he gets all tied down and dragged down to a wive! So he goes off to score and get some but he brings his looser freind with him who is a real looser! He is this little geeke who was Pigvomet in the Howard Sterns movie! Anyways all this nurd guy does is drink wine and complain! He doesent even drink a REAL drink like Bicarty Ice or Bud just wine! Unreal what is he a girl or a foreiner!

Anyways all this uggly complainy guy does is ruin the whole trip! The cool guy scores with the girl who is Arlesses secertery on HBO who is kind of hot even though she is Chineese! But the looser guy cant even get with some hot chick who wants to knock boots with him! Of course this stupid movie is so stupid that they dident even show ether girl naked how borring!! Unreal!

Anyways I hated this Sidewards guy they aught to of called him Backwards instead of Sidewards! Get it because he was a nurd and a looser! His wife dumped him and was going to get marryed to another guy and he dident even punch the other guy out wow no wander he is a looser! So the movie was all borring and dumb! There is one part where they need to get a wallit that the cool guy dropped when he was getting with a chick but it gets desgusting and grosse when they show this big fat naked guy running trust me it is grosser then even Jassen verse Freddy! I was so offended and mad that they put that in there i am going to write a letter to the guy in charge of keeping stuff out of movies and tell him he needs to get FIRED for letting that be in there! What is this world comming to wont someone think of the CHILLDREN who might have to see this GROSSE big naked fat guy running it is horribel!!! Thats what happens when you let HILLERY CLINTON be a Congressmen! Why wont someone do something about it!!!

Anyways the whole movie is just them going around drinking whine like girls and compaining! If I want to hear complaining I will stay home and the old ballandchain will do it all night and it wont cost me allmost twenty gotdamn dollers PLUS popcorn and jewjewbeats! Unreal whoever said this movie was good was full of it it is a ripoff and even the dumb guy from Wings cant even save it! Sidewards go back to having Howerd Sterns call you names at least then it wasent so gotdamn borring! Sidewards = BAD trust me face facts dont waste you time on this rotten movie!

Monday, January 24, 2005


Lucky thing that the blue paint I put on my face last weekend for PATRIATS and DUKE wont wash off because now I dont even need to buy anymore and everhwere I go now everone will see my face all blue and know just from looking at me that i am the AWESOMEST biggest fan of Patriats and Duke EVER!!! Everone who sees me cant even belief how cool I am to have a blue face and they are all so jealous you aught to see them turn around and point at me and talk about me!! BECAUSE I RULE!!!! So cram it hatas all you stealer people who came onto my massge board to shoot off you big mouthes about you team now are PUNKED out!! BY ME!!!! We SLOTTERED you so bad you can never even talk again!! SO cram it!!! PATRIATS RULE BEST TEAM OF ALL TIMES KINGS OF FOOTBALL!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Yo the big news that everone is all talking about is how Rachel Anisten from Friends broke up with Brad Afflack! Unreal she is so hot why would anyone break up with her! I bet she dumped him because she is sick of watching his crappy bad movies all the time! She is so hot and they are famous so that is the big story that everone is talking about!

This is big news so of course i have the big raport on it first! Everone is going to check out my balogg to get the latest word I bet even Rachel and Afflack will even read it here!! Yo Rachel if you are reading this then why dont you come and get with me yo I dont go around making a bunch of crummy movies I am a big CEO of a famous corpration and I have a very awesome websight that everone loves! We will go out to eat food at a nice restrant I know this littel Ietalian place called Ollive Garden they have real good food there and you can even get whatever you want and I will pay! No fake I really would! Then we will go to see a new movie whichever one is the best and most populer and doesent have that JERK Brad Afflack in it!

Then we will go to the best club it is called Shebooms and it has fansy decarations and expansive drinks they make in blenders and loud music by awesome singers like Fitty Cent they allways play his rap about its my birfday go shortie in da club and everone allways go crazzy on that jamm and we all get out on the dance floor and bust all kind of awesome moves and the hose let you dance with you junk all up against they butt when that jamm is rocken the house yo! It rules trust me!!

Then we will go back to you're crib to knock boots all night long!!! We could go back to my place if the old ballandchain is staying at her mamas place that night but sometimes she comes back real early in the morning so we should probaly chill at you house instead! Trust me this is going to rock so if you are reading this you need to send me you digets and I will call you up on the telophone and we will holla and I will give you all kind of sweet talk about how you are hot and you have a awesome butt that I cant wait to get my hands on and we will make a hot date for this weekend!

So that is the latest news raport on the big story of how Rachel Anisten dumped the looser Brad Afflack and is going to get with me real soon just you wait and see!!

Hey kid who stold my Carolina shirt forget it you can keep it you jerk! I dont want it back anyways! But you are a jerk to STEAL!! If I ever catch you with my Duke jacket or jerssys you are DEAD bucko!!!! Dont you forget it!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Yo if you are reading this and you are that kid who I gave my awesome Carolina shirt to a coupel years ago then give it BACK! I told you I was just LOANDING it to you for a while! Not forever! I need that shirt back dont be a crook and a stealer and a lier and a Indien giver and a GIVE ME BACK MY SHIRT! I need to wear it to work on saturday after we win the big game! I allready have my Carolina hat and jacket all ready to go I just got them from Wallmart they look AWESOME but I need that shirt so give it back!! If any of you know this kid he is a blond-headed guy who is kind of a loudmouth and full of it he is about 5-ten or maybe bigger or maybe smaller and about 25 or so or maybe younger or 35 or and I loanded him this shirt a coupel years ago! So if you see that guy wearing a CAROLINA shirt then it is MINE so tell him it is MINE and he needs to give it back right now! Seriously I need that shirt so look around and try and find that guy! If you are that guy then give me my gotdamn shirt back you STEALER! I will give you you're $5 dollers back right away honest!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Wow this game is like the biggest of all times and has my two favoritest teams EVER playing for the CHAMPIONSHIP of the world!!!! This RULZ my awesome USSC Trojens verse my Oakalahomma Sooniers this is the best matchup ever and will deffinitly be the best foot ball game of all times!! Because it is the most importent game you ever seen! So dont miss it it is going to RULE!! I will tell you right now that we are going to win it all and be the CHAMPIONS of everthing!! Just you wait you will see!!! I am calling it right now and I will stand by my pick and all you hatas will see at last how I was RIGHT and you were wrong!! Trust me by tomorrow we will all be celbrating ANOTHER championship and I will go out and get ANOTHER teeshort and hat that say WORLD CHAMPS on it!! I cant wait I am going to get so tore up you wouldent belief it I allready drunk like two 40s and when I get hom from work I am going to drink up a bunch of Bicarty Ices and whiskys!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yo no one talegates like me homes I am the KING!! And we are going to be the CHAMPS!! I cant wait to see us KICK ASS!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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