Friday, February 18, 2005

Illnoise is awesome this year and I love us!!! Us Illnoise fans hate Duke because Duke is so over rated and all you ever hear out of they mouthes is "we are so awesome and we rule" and blablabla!!! I am so sick of that talk it makes me sick!!!! Cram it Duke you stink and all of you playas are poindexters and nurds!!! FACE FACTS we are all sick of you!! You got NOTHING to compare to Illnoise except the Great Jay Jay who is the best shooter of all times and Shelton Williamsen who will probaly be player of the year but nether one of them is as good as D-Brown or Hedly or Willimsen or that other guy!! FACE FACTS Duke sucks this year and Coach Kay is coaching like a looser and he is going pro to take over Lakers soon sense his stupid players have ruined the season for him and have rubbed they looserishniss off onto him!!! So that is why ILLNOISE RULZ!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Yp the big news is how today is Vallantimes Day!! I HATE Vallantimes Day it allways costes me so much gotdamn money!!!! I gots a babaymamma and the old ball and chain and plus my girlfriend and allso two girls at work who I bet secretly want to get with me so that is five flowers i got to buy right there!! Good thing they had that manny at 711 or someone would of been out of luck! But I could of saved some money if they were out!!

Anyways I am a very Romantec guy and a very gennarouse man so I allways take good care of my wommen! I am going out with the old ball and chain tonight for a big romantec dinner on the town at a fantsy restrant so that will cost me even more money probaly like twenty gotdamn MORE dollers!! Appel Bs better have some good specials so I can save a little damn money!! Cripes this holladay stinks!! Its not fair when do MEN get a holladay for wommen to buy US stuff!!! Huh! When its not fair!!

At least I bought my new Illnoise hat allready so the old ball and chain cant eat me out of that!! Hawhawhaw that was so smart now I allready got the hat and can wear it tonite and if she orders too much food I will tell her tough luck I am out of money buy that damn cake youself!!! I should of thought of this trick years ago I could have even more cool stuff instead of waisting all that money on dumb girls that allways complain anyways!!! Lucky I allways get some on Vallantimes Day that allways allmost makes it worth it!! Except it doesent!!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

WOW!!! The Big Game was the best baskeball game ever played of all times!!! Oviously!! It was Carolina verse Duke and you know that is going to rock holmes!! Did you see it it was UNREAL and the most exsiting thing I ever seen! It went right down to the buzzerd but The Great Coach Kay won the game in the end with his awesome Secret Winning Stratergys!! WHOOOOO I CALLED IT BAYABY!!!!!!

Everone in the world was watching the Big Game because it is between the only teams that anyone cares about and they are Rivales! And it was so exsiting and well played I am still horse from yelling my head off down at the Sport Bar!! You could never name another game EVER that was so Importent and so excellent and so AWESOME!!! The score was close and it went right to the buzzerd and everthing!! UNREAL!!!!!

You had awesome Duke who all of you said had NO CHANCE and who was the underdawg because all they players are scrubs and geeks this year verse awesome North Carolina who is the greatest team of all times and has like 7 NBA allstars for players!! But the Great Coach Kay was able to come out of the hopspital and use his brain powers to think up a way to win the big game!!

He outsmarted the choker Roy Williamson AGAIN who is a looser and has NEVER beat the Great Coach Kay and NEVER will!! Williamson is a CHOKER and needs to be FIRED I am so sick of his act ROY MUST GO!!!!

Anyways when you have superstars like JayJay and Rayshard Felton and Marvis Williamson and Melccenonini and Jack Immanual all in the same game it is so unbelievable that we are lucky enough to be allowed to watch it!! Thank you ESPNN for being nice enough to show us this awesome game and for letting the Great Dick Vital tell us what was happening it was the BEST game you will ever see!!! I am going to send some money to ESPNN to show them thanks for being so nice for putting that game in the TV for free instead of paperview!! You better send them some money too dont be a chepskate if you dont they might put it on the paperview and you will have to PAY for it next time!! Or they might not even show it!!! that would be horribel so dont let it happen and send them some money right NOW dont be a chepeskat!!!


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Yo dawgs the big news is how my awesome Patriats are going for the Super Bowel THREEPETE!! It is awesome and unreal and never been done beffore or sense! But the probalem is that they dont get enough respect and love and hype from the looser media! I allready told them last year how to fix it but they didn't even listen to me! Unreal! But now this year I am even more famouser then I was last year and this websight is even more famouser so they will deffinitely read my idear this time and DO IT!!! It is going to ROCK yo!

Here is what I told them to do last year I went "The Super Bowel is my faverite holyday of the whole winter time and it is the day when all americans give thanks and act nice because of the big football game! And this year my faverite team my AWESOME PATRIATS are going to win again! Patriats are one of the awesomest teams of all times in any sports but they dont get enough hype and love what is up with that! unreal the medias are all just BIASS against them what a jipp that happens to all my teams like Duke and USSC too! So anyways my plan is to get my Patriats some more hype from the medias! And so they need to do like my awesome Bears did and make a wrapping video!

That is a great idear remeber you heard it here FIRST it is my idear and if you steal it I will SUE you!! So all they need to do is get together and get a camcorder and they can all dance around and sing wraps about how they RULE and it wil be nuber #1 just like my Bears when they sang "The Super Bowel Shovel!" Remeber that that was AWESOME dawg!

So Tom Braddy could dance around and wrap like this "I am Tom Braddy and I kick all you asses in you face you jealous JERKS cram it! We are going to win the Super Bowel and this is my song about it! Patriats are doing the Super Bowel dance" And then he would wrap something else that rimes with "cram it!" and it would ROCK!!

And then Bellycheck could dance out and sing like this "I am the Coach named Bellycheck and so Patriats will give them heck and I am so smart I am the KING and so we will win the Super Bowel thing!" And then Tyler Millaw and Seymore Richards and all the other superstars of PATRIATS could wrap like this "You dont have to take a chance because we are doing the Super Bowel dance!" Yo that rocks I made it up mysself do not steal it and put it on a wrap alblum!

And then they would all wrap even more like this "Patriats RULE we wear gray pants and we are doing the Super Bowel dance! You better know that we will be CHAMPS because we do our Super Bowel dance!!"

And then they could all like breakdance around and wear lots of furcoats and bling with they uniforms and have all they hoes come out and dance with them and wear skampy cloths and they could show the Patriats drving around they badass cars and hummers and suvs and cranking up the music so loud they cars bounce up and down like in the cool videos! It would kick ass homes!

Why dont they do this if you are reading this Bellycheck then make you team do it now dont you want to win the big game then you better have a video with wrapping on it! I cant wait to watch this awesome video and buy a tape of it and to get some money from Patriats when they make this video and it sells a million copys wow I am going to be RICH this RULEZ!!! This is the best Super Bowel of all times!!!!!

So now I am giving you ANOTHER chance to use my AWESOME idear dont blow it this time!!!

We finely got the looser Iraqus to VOTE the other day! What took them so long! Duh! What do you expect from a looser country so dumb they let Sadamn Insane be they boss! Too bad they couldent figgure out how to vote for themselfs so we wouldent of had to invade them and take them over and make them vote! Cripes they are a pain in the neck over there! Anyways the point is that they finely votes and on the news Rush said how the big winner was George "W" Bush!!! YESSSS Bush wins again!!! John Carey is such a looser he cant even win in Iraqu! Hawhawhaw cram it jerk in you face Carey!
Now that we have tooken over Iraqu we need to get they gotdamn gas and get out of there! Gas costes too much so give us your gas you people who are dumb and cant even vote without us! You owe us so much for giving you Democrasy and Freedom the least you can do is give us some gotdamn gas! Theres no point in us wasting our time over there for anything else!! So give us you're gas!! Which you need to drive you're car!
I dont understand why the stupid Liberels make all kind of complainings about oil! Blah blah blah oil blah blah Iraqu blah blah oil blah!!! Duh!! We dont need any oil!! Who cares about oil you only need like a few quartz to drive your car for months! But we need gas!! You need way more gas then oil to drive you're car! Gas costes way more then oil and you need more of it so who cares about oil no one!!! Gas comes from Iraqu Rush said so right on the news! Typecal Liberels who are WRONG about everthing and dont even understand how a car works how dumb can you get! We dont need oil stupid people!! Just gas!!

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