Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Well the big news is how the great March Madniss is going on and its going CRAZZY yo!! It is unreal!! First of all I knew Duke would choke they players are all poindexter loosers who are dragging down the great Coach Kay!! I am sick of these chokers ruining everything!! Next year Coach Kay had better get some GOOD players in there I dont care how he gets them! Who cares if they go to school or not!! Get shed of these brainiacs like Randolph Shavelick and get some people in there that can dunk the gotdamn ball!! The Great Coach Kay's life is not about just playing some games!! He is about doing whatever it takes to WIN them games!! Just you wait he will come up with some genious trick and plan to win them games no matter what next year!!! You'll see!!

And the reffs CHEAT verse Duke every year I am so SICK of it its not fair Duke never gets a call everthing allways goes against us the reffs allways CHEATagainst us because they all love Mischagen State so much!! Why do reffs cheat like that I am going to go throw a trash can through a store window I am so mad its so not fair them reffs RUINT that game with they're cheating!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoOOOO!!!!! Reffs if you are reading this then you SUCK!!! BOOOOOOOO!! This is all you're fault!!! Cheaters!!!! I hate you all!!!!!! I aught to key up you're cars or something!!!!

Anyways who cares I called it!!! I perdicted the reffs would CHEAT verse Duke like they allways do!! And they did!! I am right again!!!!

I am in like 27 baskeball pooles for the March Madniss and I am winning all of them! I am the only one who called all 4 teams in the Finale Four!! Cram that one!! Why is everone so stupid I could of told you all who would make the Finale 4 it was ovious!!! And I did!! Carolina is the best team of all times so you know we would make it! Illnoise is NUMBER ONE so you know we would make it. Duke has too many chokers this year so you know the reffs would rob them and cheat them out of it so that means Michegin State gets in! And then Louseville is awesome and my 4th faverite team that = FINALE FOUR!! Duh!! It was ovious!!! Hello!!! How dumb are people!!! I CALLED IT!!
Duh!! I WIN AGAIN!!!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Yo the big news is how everthing on TV has been awesome lately!! There was a big scandle about how on American Idle they put up the wrong phone number the other day and so all my votes that i made dident even count! I was so bullshit untell they said that they would put on an extra American Idle show last night and let us vote again!! Lucky for them because I was mad as hell yo! So anyways I got to vote again last night and I called up twice for ever vote just to make sure they wouldent rip me off and loose my votes this time!! So the good news is how we got a extra American Idle! That rules yo!! Thats like twice as manny times to watch it right in one week! They should do this all the time because everone loves this show and then we could watch it twice as manny times which would RULE! Why dont they listen to me I aught to be in charge!!

Allso I watch The Apprantice last night and it was awesome AGAIN! I like how the Trump allways say YOUR FIRED that is awesome!! I say it all the time too like to the waitress or whoever and it is allways funny I always laugh! YOUR FIRED!! Get it!

PLus allso this week they have Suriver again which is allways AWESOME you cant go wrong! And the March Madniss on on the TV I been watching that all the time like I allways do and all the games ar egoing just like I said they would even last night when my Loueville kicked ass of over rated Washinton just like I told you all we would! And we did! Tonite my Duke and my Carolina will win and so my teams will all be in the Finale FOur with my Illinoise this is going to RULE yo!!!!

And dont forget all the CSSIs that were on I watched all of them like i allways do because they RULE!! And Land of the Lost and 24 Hours and all them other shows that kicked ass this week I dident miss any of them! So cram that one!

So this was the best week of all to watch TV I watched like 50 hours of the TV at least and it kicked ass!! They need to get some TVs at work so that we dont have to miss all kind of good shows I will tell the supreviser to do that right now he is lucky I am not in charge because i would make all kind of changes like putting up TVs and making Billy Ray and LaShaneequa clean out the fryer which they NEVER do they allways sneak out and go outside to smoke drugs and then I allways get stuck cleaning the gotdamn frier it is not FAIR and I will change that so wuick you wont belief it once I am in charge!! Just you all wait you will be sorry then!!! Jerks!!

So that is why this week was the best TV week of all times too bad you missed it chump you should of took my advise like I told you to!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Yo holla dawgs!! It is now the March Madniss FINELY and so everone all over the unneverse wants to know my perdictions!!! Well you are lucky because I will give them to you! Mark it down trust me take it to the bank face facts these will be the Finale 4 teams of the March Madniss I garantee it write it down bank on it its set in stone it is a lock face facts!!!!

Illnoise Michegin Carolina Louseville!!!!

Thats right I called it I dont care if all the experts and brainiacs say these teams are under dawgs with no chance I am sticking to my teams and being loyale to them and sticking to my guns and no one will change my mind because these are the teams face facts!!!

Wow you people are so lucky I am giving you this infomation for FREE you all owe me like thousends of dollers for this awesome perdiction!!

So there you go that is who will win the March Madniss! Your wellcome!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Yo the big news is how they give out Oscars Awards the other day for Best Movie Ever!! And Billion Doller Baby won the big prizes!! I never even seen this movie because it looked like a girl movie but sense Clent Estwood is in it it probaly RULZ and he probaly kills all kind of people with his big gun and then talk all soft like and say How you like me NOW punk!! That is so awesome!! So I will go see this movie now because it won all the awards!

I cant belief The Hitch dident win I seen that a couple weeks ago and it was pretty funny for a Fresh Prints movie!

Anyways Oscars Awards were gave out my Chris Roxberry that foulmouth guy! He was kind of funny but he wasent allwoed to swear so he wasent that funny! Next time they should get a funny comedion like Geoff Foxberry or one of them other Bluecollard Comedions to give out the awards! That would RULE yo! Geoff Foxberry could be all like "You Might be a redneck if you live in a traler and are a dumass!" And then we would all laugh and laugh!! Because its true!

Butanyways the point is that everone watched the big TV show where they give out Oscars Awards and it was great and manny famous people were on the TV in expansive cloths so what more do you need to know! You know it was real importent when all the famous people get all dressed up! So I watched it and they gave out the trophys but Oscars Awards arent as good as the famous BWB Awards which are much more importent and go to better people!! I cant wait untell the big BWB Awards come out I allways win and I bet I do again this year!!

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