Wednesday, May 25, 2005

WOW this is going to be so awesome I cant even belief it!! The big match between Carry verse Bobice and everone cant wait to see who wins! Unreal this is way better then the World Serieses and is allmost as good as March Madniss!

FINELY we get to see who is a bigger superstar Bobice who ROCKS or Carry who is HOT! I cant even wait this is going to rule! I am going to vote like 15 times! If Carry gets nude and naked then I will vote for her but if Bobice rocks out with more awesome ROCK then I will vote for him! But ether way they are BOTH winners and that is importent to remeber I will buy they CDs even of the looser because they are so good!

But the bad news is that I cant even tape the big show because I need to tape the last show of Land of the Lost which comes on at the same time! Unreal that is low why do the TV people do that are they stupit or something! Cripes I want to keep both shows forever how am I suppost to do that now! Huh! How! Huh?

Maybe I should just watch the Land of the Lost show but tape American Idle! But I need to know who wins the big Idle showdown NOW I cant wait for a tape! Someone needs to invent a VCR awesome enough so that you could watch both of these shows at once! Why dont one of you do that out there! Get going dont you even want to be rich I woulod pay you like a hunderd dollars if you made a super VCR that could do it! And then make it allso play my DVVDs!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

This is the awesomest part of the year when we FINELY get to the NBA Finales! This year its allready shocking and AMAZENG how my CHAMPION Pisstens shocked the world last night by beating Miammi Heats in a huge uppset! Wow unreal! It doesent even count for much because The Great Shack was hurt oviously! But we won because we are CHAMPS and rule! Allso Dewayne Wayne is over rated and not that good like I told you all! So anyways the point is that my Heats will still win it all if Shack gets helthy but if he dont then my CHAMPION Pisstens will win it all again! Wow this is so exiting and full of dramma! Shack is a Hero for even playing he is hurt so bad you loosers would be in the hospitel if you were hurt like him but he plays anyways because he is SHACK yo! But my Heats finely lost a game! Wow no one even knows what to expect next except me! Unreal how awesome the NBA is!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Yo whats up homes this is awesome news I just seen the new STAR WARS movvie! It was AWESOME yo! Star Wars 6 The Attack of the Sixth RULES!!!! I camped out in the long line and I wore my Spock ears and my Frodoe suit to show everone how pshyched up I am for this movvie and then last night I finely got in and seen it and it ROCKS!!! Wow it is the best movie of all times no fake face FACTS!! This movie is so awesome it will make you head hurt with all of the stuff that goes on! It has all of the great superstars of allthe movies like Obbywon Cenobby and Choobacka and Yoduh and that kid with the fantsy haricut and Queen Emadolla she is hot yo! And it has the famous robots who are gays but still good guys and funny they are called CP3o and Are2Dtoo! There is a lot of killings and explotions and special affects and everthing awesome you would ever want in a movie! So everone should go and see it even though I was there FIRST and seen it beffore any of you! I will probaly only go see it like 10 more times or so and then buy a DVVD of it offen Ebay! Then I will OWN it!!

Why dont they have a vidio game of this movvie on the exbox yet what are they waiding for I am sick of them waisting all my time get that gotdamn exbox game out NOW we want to buy a exbox game of Star Trek 6 Attack of the Sixths RIGHT NOW!!!! Get it out there NOW dammit!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I been playing my AWESOME new exbox so much that I aint been typeng my balogg vary much latly! Too bad for you people!! Because Exbox RULZ!! It is awesome yo no wander you all want one but you cant have one because only supercool people like ME got them!! I cant wait to get some new games for it like Maddin football and the Simms where you get to get with hot girls and allso that drive-arund game where you carjack guys and kill people and get with hot girls and shoot anyone who get in you're way! You know that one it rulz! So once I have them games I will be playing so much exbox you cant even belief it! Lucky for me there aint been nothing going on in the sports! My Heats are kicking ass of course like I perdicted and we just swept some loosers out of the playoffs! Again! But we dont even get to win the champion ship for like another whole damn week or two! Its not fair why do the Heats have to wait around for these looser teams! My Heats are ready to play NOW so bring it on beeyothes!! Or else just forfit and get it over with and give the damn triphy to Miammi where it bellong! Then in other sports nothing is going on neither it is vary borring my Yankees are BACK baybay just like I called it! But none of you beliefed me well now maybe you learnt you lessen! Face facts Yankees still rule even though they choked like looser chokers last year! But now it is this year and we are BACK!! So cram it! So sense Yankees are BACK and Carolina is CHAMPS of the world and Heats are undeffeted in the NBAs and I got the awesome new exbox then oviously everthing RULZ right now! I am the KING yo! Ever team I like RULES and I am the best and the CHAMP and da KING!! FACE FACTS!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

Monday, May 02, 2005

HEATS RULE!!!! HAWHAW Shack is BACK and dominading the NBA again just like I called!! How you like SHACK now beeyothes!!! Huh!!! How! Huh? Ya thats what I thought!! Heats RULE we have Shack and the AWESOME Dewayne Wayne and dont forget old Alonso Morning he is like a hundred years old but he is still kicking ass with my Heats because he is a CHAMP yo!!!!! Wow we rule!!

I havent watch too much of the NBAs yet because I been working a lot of doubles and am very buszy! Allso I went to see the new awesome movie Hitchiking Guy in the Gallexie! It is pretty cool and has awesome spetial affects and axplosions and all that kind of crap! So it is pretty good even though it is dumb sometimes and people have funny names in it! But its better then you could ever do! So shut up!

So anyways the point is HEATS RULE and SHACK RULES in all you faces cram it!!!!

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