Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Yo they just had a big election to pickthe 1000 Most Aweosme Americans of All Times!! It was hard to pick out the top ones because we are all awesome here and not a bunch of poor no money loosers like most of the other countrys! BUt of course The Great Ronalld Ragin was elected to be the Awesomest American of all times! He rules and is da man but they got the voting all wrong! They should of had better people! I would of voted RIGHT and this is who I would of elected!

#1. Jesus H. Christ! #2. Coach Kay 3. George "W" Bush! 4. Dr. Phill from TV! 5. Ronlad Ragin! 6. Shack! 6. Donald Trump! 7. Fitty Cent! 8. That chick who won American Idol 9. Derrick Jeeter! 10. Tom Braddy! 11. Princiss Dye! 12. Micheal Jorden from the olden days! 13. Eminam! 14. Tom Cruize who is CRAZZY but he is rich and he get all kind of hot girls! 15. The Great Dale Irnheardt!

There are about a million other AWESOME Americans who need to be elected to this list we have so manny SUPERSTARS it is unreal no wander we are the Greatest Country in the Hisstory of the World!!! You dont see any forein loosers on that list do you!!! DO YOU!!! HAWHAW because USA RULZ YO!!!!

PS How come no one voted for the Jesus!! What is this country coming to!! Shame on you all!! Burn in hell sinners!!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Mark it down set it on a stone take it to the BANK write it down bank on it face facts my top secert insider sorces have told me how superstar Anderw Bogous will be the first pick of the whole NBA draft!! He is a big tall goober who is forein and not even American but trust me when he gets here he will kick ass yo! Millwakee has the first pick of the draft because they suck so bad but trust me once Brewers get aholt of this Bogous kid they will not suck so much!!

Allso CHAMPION OF THE WORLD Marvis Williamsen is going to be tooken next by Atalanata! Who allso sucks! But Marvis is all about CHAMPIONSHIPS and he has never lost one so he will win it all there too someday after they trade for his champion CAROLINA possy like Raychard McFlelton and Big Shawn Mays! Plus allso probaly draft the great JayJay Reddick next year and trade for LeBaron James and sign up Shack for a free agent and get the Great Coach Kay to be the Coach for the playoffs after Duke wins the March Madniss! So just you wait for that you chumps!!

Anyways the point is I told you all that the big goofy foriener would be the first pick and he was!! Bogous is first and then the CHAMP Williamsen! I WAS RIGHT AGAIN I AM ALLWAYS RIGHT I WIN AGAIN!!! YESS!!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS WHOOOOOOOOOOO YESSS WE WIN I CALLED IT NATIONAL CHAMPS BAYBAY ALL YOU HATAS CAN CRAM IT IN YOU FACES WHOOOOOOOOOO SPURZ WE ARE THE KINGS WE DID IT WE WIN WE RULE!!!! WE are the best team of all times we have the Grteat Jinobly and Bigshot Bobby and Dunkin and Tony Perker and all of our other SUPERSTARZ YO WHO TOLD YOU ALL that we would win!!!! WHO HUH!! WHO!!! ME!! THATS WHO!! YESSSSSS!!!! I was right and i rule and I am a CHAMP!!! Spurzzz yo!!!! We did it you all said we had no chance but what happen huh!!! HUH!!!!! Ya thats what I thougt!!!! WE WIN!!! MY TEAM RULZ!!! It is so awesome that we won the big championship exspecially sense this was they last chance sense my Lakers brought back the Great Phill Jackson the best coach of all times!! So even though this doesent coiunt as much as my Lakers championships it still rules and the importent thing is how I CALLED IT!!! AND MY TEAM WON SO I AM A CHAMP AGAIN!!!! AGAIN!!!! YESSSSS EAT IT CRAM IT SUCK IT LOOSERS I WIN AGAIN!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The judge say Micheal Jorden is NOT GUILTY!!!! Unreal I am so mad you cant belief it they let that dirty Child Malester go free!!! If any regular people like you or me malested childs we would be locked up and sent to jail!!! So this looser should be too!! THIS IS DESGUSTING why dont they lock up this FREAK!!! HE is all weird and crazzy and he loooks like a white girl!! Unreal!!! Why dont somebody do something!! They aught to lock this guy up what a jerk!! Plus his songs stink now they arent even awesome anymore so who cares if he goes to jail! He use to be awesome in the olden days when he was black and he sing all kind of awesome songs like Billy G is Not My Lover and Thrilla Night and I'm Badass and Everybody do the Moon Walk and Abony Verse Ivry! But that was the olden days beffore he was malesting childrens and turning into a white girl and hanging around with monkys and dworfs and wedros! LOOOOOOOOSER!! DESGUSTING!!!!! GO TO JAIL!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yo the big news is how they let a woman driver into the big NAZCAR race the other day! Unreal dont they even know how girls cant drive! So oviously she LOSt the big race! I perdicted it! Good thing she is hot because she cant even drive at all! They felt sorry for her so they let her go ahead for a while then everone past her once they started trying! Learn you lessen girls stick to the kithen where you bellong and leave the driving to MEN! Us men have won ever big race there ever been which is a FACT and prooves how girls cant drive! But this Danka girl is good looking and not a bad driver for a girl! She even beat a couple guys hawhawhawhaw them loosers are going to get busted on now!! Loosers!!

Allso Billy Ray said this girl use to be Whinny on that old TV show the Wander Years back in the olden days! I think he is full of it tho because Whinny was like a Mexsican or Indien or something! But who cares the point is this girl is kind of hot so we need to see her in some naked movies on the Skinamax or else in Playboys or something! She should quit driving now thatshe beat a couple men and get down to some modling or acting or something that girls can do!

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