Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Unreal my topseceret insider sorce tells me that the Great Raphal Plamerio is a big cheating stereoid taker! Unreal! I use to love this guy but now I hate him because he = cheater!!! Wow this is big huge SHOCKENG news that no one could even perdict! Except for me I called it that he was a big stereoider just look at him! I told you all how he was a cheater on the drugs but you wouldent listen! well now lookit all of you Plamerio fans how do you like it now huh! You should of listen to me how manny times do I have to tell you! Back when this Plamerio was running for Congress I knew he was a lier! All them congressmens are liers duh! He went on TV and was all like vote for me for Congressmen I dont do drugs! Really!!

Well now look! I told you he was a lier you should of beliefed me! I will NEVER vote for that cheater again let me tell you!!!! I hope he get throwed in JAIL like a looser because he is on drugs! The bad kind of drugs like stereoids or what LaShanequia and Randy smoke out in the ally behind work when they are suppost to be cleaning the frier but they go smoke drugs instead so I end up having to do it which is UNFAIR!! That is why drugs are BAD! Dont do drugs stay in school!! Face facts users are loosers!! And this Rapeal Palmerio is a user! Which = LOOSER! You herd it hear FIRST!! I told you all!! Dont vote for that guy I hope he goes to JAIL where he bellong!! He can take Randy and Lasheneqia with him too! They are all on drugs and cheaters! Lay off the pipe Plamero!!! Just say NO to drugs!

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