Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why isent there no Tusday night Foot ball on the TV! We got colledge foot ball ever saturday and NFL ever sunday and sunday night foot ball and monday night foot ball and thusday night ACC foot ball!! And friday night is highschool foot ball and allso them looser teams from West that they show on the ESPNN!! So that all rules so the point is where the hell is Tusday Night Football!! What am I suppose to watch tonite!! There is NO foot ball to watch for two whole days what they hell is that!! Gotdammit when I am in charge you better belief they will be Tusday Nite Foot ball!! And allso Wensday Nite Foot ball!! Come on!! Thats what we need how dumb are people who run foot ball on the TV why cant they even think of putting on a Tusday Nite game or even a Wensday Nite Foot Ball game!! Duh that would get all kind of good radings and ever one would watch it on the TV and everthing would rule then!! SO if you are the guy who is in charge of foot ball on TV and you are reading this then DO it!!! And then pay me my money for stealing my awesome idear beeyothc!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

WHOOOOOOOOOOO! Ya I called it beeyothes!! My White Socks kicked ass again I knew we would win that little Posodonick is awesome he say yo Husten you have NO chance I am going to kick yo ass right now and make you my beeyoth!! And then he did it was unreal and awesome Posdenick = Rooky of Year no doubt aout it come on face facts there isent any rooky any where half as awesome and CLUTCH as him! He will probaly hit like 50 homeruns next year now that he has showed everone that he rules! And we have so many superstars you cant even count them all like Contryass the pitcher we stold from stupid looser Yankees who use to rule but now SUCK and allso we have Konkirko the big home run man and the Goochy the chinaman and the big fat kid relieve pither!! And the Great Ossy Geelin the manger who is so smart he tell his players to WIN and not loose! Why dont Torry ever do that no wander Torry will never win the Big One!! Fire TOrry NOW!! He = CHoker!! Face facts he needs to GO!!

So you see that is why my White Socks are the KING of base ball and will win the World Serieses just like i perdicted last year!! Wow its so great to FINELY see my faverite team win it all after all of you loosers said we had NO CHANCE well lookit now who is going to win it ALL ME!! Thats who!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

I cant wait untell we win tonite and win the NATIONAL CHAMPION SHIP!! That is going to rock yo!! I will be getting my drink on and getting all tore up tonite when my Socks FINELY win it!! I cant wait I might even go to Chegago and partay up there with my cousen Billy he = badass but he is banned from the stadeum because they are all against him and have it in for him because he kicked ass on that guy last year!! Anyways how much is the gray hound if you go to Chegago! I bet it will be real crowded with all us White Socks fans we will get our drunk on real good on 40s and whiskie and give everone HELL because OUR team finely won it all so we will light up some fires and tip over garbiges and throw some rocks and get wassted and yell all night long!! This is going to RULE yo!!!!! YESSSSSSSS saweet!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

WE win!! Yessssss I called it I said my CHAMPION USSC would whip Norta Dames ASS but you all said no way hosea they got no chance give it up!! Well look who is wrong now!! YOU!!! I was right AGAIN and my champion team wins AGAIN!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!! Matt Lionheart = best player of any sport of all times in any country of the world or america or the unverse or the soler sytsem or all of Calfornia rolled up into one!! He could dunk on Micheal Jorden and b*tchsalp Mike Vic! You will NEVER stop the Great Matt Lionheart!! NEVER he = HERO and CHAMP and Mister Clutch Man!!!! WOW he is good at playing foot ball!! And at WINNING!! He is just like ME face facts thats how good he is which is real good! No wander you are all just jealous!! I dont know how you loosers can even like any other football players or teams come on face facts dident you even watch the big game! USSC is the best we are the only team worth cheering for all other teams = loosers and garbige!! And Lionheart is Da Man and the King of all how can you even like any other players stop it get shed of them shirts with other names on them and get a LIONHEART shirt!! Or elsed you are a looser!! The only other player who is any good at foot ball is the Great Georeggy Bush the runner back from USSC he is so awesome he could score like 40 or 50 touchdons per game if he felt like it we are unstopibale why do you even try! Stop trying you have no chance! Lookit Norta Dame who I use to like in the olden days they tryed but they had NO CHANCE once we decide to put the beeyothslap onto them! And then we did!! Lionheart say Yo beeyothes I will get you hopes up by letting you get ahead and then I will make it forth down and then I will make my awesome secret plays and punk you all OUT!!! And then he DID!!! Unreal you never seen any thing like thta beffore so stop cheering for all these looser teams and get with the CHAMPS which = my USSC!! Unless you are such a JEALOUS looser that you cant because you are a playa hata!! If that is you then you go to hell right now and get off my board!!!! I will BAN any of you what doesent make a post that USSC RULES and is best team ever DO IT NOW!!

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