Sunday, December 18, 2005

GIVE ME CHRISMAS PRESENTS!! I will make it easzy on you poeple and give you my list of some of the AWESOME prezsents I want for Chrismas this year! So now you know what I want so you have no ezcuse to not get me somthing AWESOME for chrismas!! DO IT!!

1. Exbox 360!! This is the awesomest game you ever seen you can play all kind of games on it! And even watch movvies! So get me one NOW!! Billy Ray is selling one for a great deal he is only asking 260 dollers for it! Unreal that is almost 100 DOLLERS less then a Exbox 360 costes!! You cant afford to not get me one of these so do it NOW buy it offen Billy Ray and save all kind of money!! Dont waist time it will be gone soone when it is that cheap!!

2! A ribbon for my sweet ride!! Everone LOVES to get a fantsy chrismas ribben on top of they car! Thats how you know its Chrismas!! Lots of commerciels show it this year!! Like that one where they go outside and there is a awesome red ribbin on top of that car! And they all get all exzited and happy and smiley and yell and grin when they see that awesome ribben on top of they car!! It is what everone want for Chrismas! So get me one!! It is even cheaper then a Exbox! But dont be a chepskat you need to get me that Exbox FIRST and then the car ribben!

C! A shirt that says CAROLINIA WORLD CHAMPS!! We are the CHAMPS and won it all like CHAMPS last year! I only got two shirts that say that I need a coupel more! So everone will see that I am a CHAMP too because I like CHAMPION teams!! My shirt will PROOVE it! And then I can say SUCK IT to everone else who likes looser teams! This is the whole idear of sports! So get me another CAROLNA shirt! Or even another hat!!

4! Get me a vidio ipodd! They RULE and are the BEST! I allready got a ipoidd but it is like 2 weeks old so I need a NEW one! That plays VIDIOS!! My ipod cant play vidio tapes the tape place is too small it only plays tapes of singing and bands and music! A vidio ipodd is like a VCR that you can carry around and watch! And I dont even have one that does that! I am sick and tired of carrying aorund my damn VCR and TV it is too heavy and I allways have to leave it in the car! So get me a damn ipodd what are you wading for!!!!! DO IT!!

Those are some things you need to get me for Chrismas!! Dont be a chepskat do it!! Think of the babybay Jesus and how he wants you to buy me some awesome stuff not a bunch of looser JUNK like normel! I am sick of all the borring reguler presents that you loosers give everone! No one want you gotdamn friutcakes! Or socks! And you KNOW I aint NEVR wearing no gotdamn TYE!! So why do you even give them for Chrismas presents what are you a CHEeP SCROGE!!! Bust open you wallet it has flys in it you cheepskat!! Dont you even care about Chrismas!! WHAT ABOUT JESUS!!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

My top secert insider sorces tell me that the Great Howerd Sterns is quitting! He has been around for a million years and is very famous and invented all the medeas! He had a movvie and a book where he dressed like a girl on the cover! He is very funny looking and has a big nose but that is okay because he kicks ass yo! He say whatever he wants to all the time about everthing and has hot girls come on his show and get naked!! And nude!! So it is too bad that he is quitting and whussing out like a looser! He is probaly all out of idears for having girls get naked and nude! I thought he was facking it just to get more money but he keeps saying how he is serious and not facking and is really leaving and is serious! SO he is done! He isent as funny as he use to be when he made fun of foreiners more anyways so who cares! But it is too bad we will never get to see more hot girls get naked right on his show! And nude!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

FINELY there is a new cowboy movie out! They havent been a cowboy movie for ever! They used to make lots of movies about cowboys all the times! And they ruled with superstars like John Wain and Clent Estwood! THere would be all kind of shooting and killing Indiens and riding around and REAL men! Now they finely have a new cowboy movie I cant wait to see it it is going to rule it is called Brickbrack mountain and it is suppose to be about cowboys! I bet they are REAL men and it has a lot of ACTION not like them borring movies that are all about girls feelings and crap that MEN dont care about!! Billy Ray say this movie will be about MEN doing MEN things and being COWBOYS and shooting and rideng and all kind of MAN action like that!! He say it will be the most man action movie in a long time and that I will probaly love it!! Wow that sounds awesome I cant wait to see it!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

COLTS COLTS COLTS!!!! WE RULE!!! UNDEFETED BYEOTCH! Haw cram that one hatas Paten Maning RULZ!!!!! UNBEATED NOW AND FOREVER we are going to the Super Bowel I godamn garuntee it!!! No one will stop us face FACTS come on COLTS rule we are the BEST team of all times!! They just showed on the TV yesterday how Colts just past my olden days Bears Super Bowel Shuffel team with Frigerater and Jack McMann and Walter Paten as Best Undefeted Team of All Times!! Them BEars use to rule but they losted that one game!! COLTS WILL NEVER LOOSE!!! All we need is a awesome rapping song like them Bears had!! I will rap one for them and we will get Eminman or Fitty Cent to make the music and we will sell a million dollers no probalem!

It will go YO I AM PATEN MANING I AM DA KING AND I AM GOING TO WIN THE SUPER BOWEL THING!! I AM A BADASS AND I AM GOINGTA KICK YOU'RE ASS BECAUSE I THROW A REAL GOOD PASS! WE NEVER LOOSE AND ARE ALL SUPERSTARS BECAUSE I THROW THE BALL REAL FAR!!! IN YOU FACES CRAM IT BEEYOTHCES SUCK IT I AM DA KING AND I RULE!!!!!!!!!!" And then Paten would do a break dance and spin around and then like freeze and grab his jock and make a mean face! WOW unreal I would buy that vedeo like 50 times!! This is going to rule what is Paten Manings and Eminams email adresses and phone numbers i need to tell them this RIGHT NOW so we can get started on this vedeoe and have it be NUMBER #1 on the chartes in time for the Super Bowel!!!

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