Sunday, January 29, 2006

The LIMMO I ordered is going to be here soon! I cant wait this is going to RULE!!!! We are going to ride around after the Super Bowel in a LIMMO and I am going to yell my head off about how MY team is #1 and we won and everone else can go to HELL and CRAM IT because I am the CHAMP of ALL!!! THIS RULZ!! Everone will see me in a big long LIMMO and know I am the BEST and RICH and full of CLASS because only CLASS RICH people ever get to ride in LIMMOS!! WHOOOOO YESSSS it is cotsing me a forchin but I dont even care!! This is the SUPPER BOWEL so I go all out and that is how I role! That is why I got that creddit card because I am so rich and famous that I have a creddit card just like The Great Coach Kay! When you see me standing up through the sunroove of the LIMMO tonight yelling my head off and throwing bottels at everthing you will know that I am RICH and full of CLASS and NUBER #1!! And you will all be so JEALOUS!!! Hawhawhahw today is going to be the BEST day of al TIMES!!!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

WOW I cant wait untell tomorrow which is SUNDAY I have everthing all planned out it is going to RULE!! I am going to have the awesomest Super Bowell partyay EVER I allready called in pertending to be sick to work and I am going to rent a GIANT screen TV that is flat and expansive!! I DONT CARE I am a big famous CEO of a corpration and that is how we roll!! I am going to order up like a bunch of pitzas and chiken wings and nachoes and stakes and frenchfrys!! So we can eat durring the Big Game!! I allready bought a bunch of 40s and whiskey and budlites and votkas and Bicarty Breeziers and all kind of drinks to get my drunk on!! I will call up all the cool peopel to inveite to my big Super Bowell I bet Billy Ray will be there and my freind Dogfood and my cousen Travis and the fat Mexsican kid from work Padro or Hosea or whatever he name is he likes to get his drink on so he will come over! And allso my girlfreind will be there and allso my baybaymamma will be there later because I have to have the kid this weekend and allso Billy Ray will probaly bring his stupit girlfreind who is a JERK but she has big bajongas hawhawhawhawhaw!! And there will be all kind of HOT girls there too trust me yo! IT IS GOING TO BE THE BEST SUPPER BOWEL PARTY OF ALL TIMES!!! I bet you wish you could go but too damn bad there's no room I cant have every Tomdickenharry in the whole world over I have a doubel wide but it aint a manshon do you know what I am saying yo! So too bad for you! Unless you are a hot girl then you better come over this sunday so you wont miss the BEST Super Bowel party EVER!! I allready got a Jarom Betis shirt to wear and a STEALERS hat and allso a Sehaks jacket because I LOVE my Sehaks! I have made the BEST plans EVER for this Sunday it is going to ROCK yo!!


Is is the Great Deshawn Alxandar who = MPV of the whole foot ball!! OR is it the AWESOME Jarom Betis who is nick name the Bust because he is so fat that he BUST right through the other team in to the inzone to score another TOUCHDOWN for Stealers!! Wow that is a hard qestion you need a expert like me to figgure it out for you! Face FACTS Sehaks MVP runner back Alexandar Shaunders is AWESOME!! He is the MPV which means Most Valable PLAYER! Of ALL!! So you cant argu with that! But The Bust has been around for like a million years and has scored more touch-downs then any body EVER! But he is fat! And Allaxandar is thin and hansome and has a shinny bald head! So you know he get more chicks! So you cant for get them FACTS! So you will have to wait and see the PROOF in the Big Game called the Supper Bowel this weekend! We all cant wait its going to rule and be the best game of All Times because my two faverite teams are playing in it!! Again!!

Wow that is a great articel I just typed up! It is FULL of importent incite about the foot ball and the Super Bowel! I am going to print it out and mail it to the espnn! They can make a show out of it and put it on Sport Center!! This rulz I cant wait untell I am on sport center then all you hatas who been haten on my will have to go drink some more HATA ADE which is what jealous loosers drink!! Because they are hatas!! Who are JEALOUS!! So what is the adress for the espnn!! I will probaly just mail it to ESPNN in Newyork City and they will get it! Unless the mailmans screw it up again!! What are mailmans stupid they never heard of espnn! Come on!! So just you wait you will see my awesome Super Bowell Articel on the espnn soon you can count on it and take it to the bank and bank on it I garantee it!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

PATRIETS WILL LOOSE!! Mark it down take it to the bank!! I GARANTEE it!! We are all so SICK of PAtriets and all the love they get from the papers!! And allso from the medea!! I tell you all that Patriets will fumbel all over the place like chokers and they reffs will CHEAT and rip off Patriets with CHEATING bad calls that SUCK and are WRONG because they are sick of Patriets too!! So my team will win again BRONKS are my second faverite team of all we have Jacke Plumber the shaggy face qaterback and that runnerback who is good and the white guy who play deffense and allso other superstars!! So cram that one!! Face facts Brokns RULE and Patriets are over rated and we all SICK of them any ways go away make room for awesome BRONKS!! And my Colts! YESSSSSS champs!!! So there you go come back here and check out my awesome brave supersmart perdiction on Sunday!! Which is tomorrow not today!! MY BROKNOS RULE!!! YESSS I CALLED IT!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

YESS I AM TELLING YOU ALL RIGHT NOW ON TueNSDAY NIGHT THAT I AM SICK OF USSC AND ALL THE HIPE THEY GET!! Why do all you people like them so much they aint so good my Texass cowheads will BEAT them just you watch! Georgy Busch and Lionhart are so over rated they will NEVER winthe big game!! Vints Young is better then both of them put together!! No one can stop the Great Vints Young!! TExass = BEST!!! USSC SUCKS!! THEY COACH SUCKS!! TEXASS RULZ!! NUMBER #1 UNDEFETED WORLD CHAMPS!!! I PERDICT WE WILL WIN IT ALL!!!! HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO BET!!! HUH!! HUH!! YA THATS WHAT I THOUGHT!!

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