Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The big news is how tonite is Valantimes Day! I have Big Plans for Valantimes Day! I am vary buszy and importent so I have to work tonite! But then I am comming home and getting my drunk on and watching CHAMPION DUKE play baskeball on TV! We will slotter Gerogia Tech tonite case closed I garantee it! And then I will give my old ballandchain a Tetty Bear that is holding a hart! Be cause that is vary romantec! AJ down to the 711 said it is the nicest Valantimes gift they have in the whole store! So I bought it without even looking at the price I am a big spender and I dont even care! When it comes to my wommen then money is no abject! So I bought another one for my girlfreind but I dident get one for my babay mamma be cause she is being a real moran latley and piss me off! No present for her!! Hahaha cram that one!! Then later after I give her the awesome Tetty Bear present I will probaly get the hell out of there before she start complaining about the house or the bills again blablabla and go meet up with Billy Ray and Dawgfood out at Shebooms! Billy Ray say Valantimes is the best time to get with girls be cause they so desparate and want to get with any guy they can get!! So I will get lucky and knock boots with some lucky girl!! Wow so you see I will have a very romantec night tonite be cause that is the kind of guy I am!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

went and seen the new Pink Pancther movie the other day! It was vary funny and good!! It wasent even a carton! There wasent even no Pink Pantcher in it anyways!

It just had that white hair Father of the Party of Dime a Dozent guy Steve Martens in it as a Frenschy guy who is a datective!! He is so damn dumb it is unreal! FRENCH!! Hahahahahahah!! He makes stupid misstakes and act like a looser he is so damn funnie! And the joke is that it isent even a carton and there aint no pink pantsher in it at all!! Get it!! How does that Steve Martens think up all these funny movies! Wow he is unreal! He is allmost as funny as me! Get it!!! Hahahahah!!

Anyways take my word for it go and see this movie it is vary funny and awesome!! And you can laugh at stupid people who get mad be cause it isent even a carton with the pink pantcher in it!! Trust me you cant get you money back for it not being a carton even if you aks for it so dont bother! Just go and watch it and you will laugh at the dumb Frenchmen!!

The Figgure Skating Olympecs are back! They are allright but figgure skating is for girls and loosers the skying is pretty good they go real fast and allso the loosge is vary fast as well! USA is kicking all ass of course once again be cause we are the BESt and we rule over all foreiners! We just won the gold metal in the flip-over skying! That carrot top kid WON!! I called it!! USA USA USA USA USA UAS US AUSA USA USA !!!! But that looser skatter Apollo Yoko Ono fell down and choked like a looser I cant belief he is even Amercan! Anyways who cares we will still win the MOST metals of all be cause god wants us to! So the Figgure skating Olympecs are all right they are better this year then last year I dont even remeber watching them last year they were so borring! But it gives us somthign to watch now that the REAL sports FOOT BALL is over!! Now this will hurry up and get over and we can FINELY get to the March Madniss!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

MY STEALERS = NATIONAL CHAMPS YESS YESS YESS YESS YESS!!!! I CALLEDIT WE WIN!!!! Hawhahwhahwhahwhaw YESS MY Stealers are the KINGS Seatel you suck you are going DOWN!! You people who like Sehaks are stupid morans and JERKS and loosers I hate you all be cause you team suck and I am tired of hearing all you jerks mouth off and bragg on you team!! SHUT UP!! Pisburgh RULZ over you face FACTS you have NO CHAMCE verse my STEALERS!!! NATIONAL CHAMPS Pisburgh STEALERS YESSSSSS!!!!

Everone go to my massage board and type you're congradulations to me for my faverite team winning the Super Bowel! THIS RULZ and is AWESOME!! So go on and congradulate me for cheering for the BEST team of all that kick the ass of all you're faverite teams so you can cram it!! Come on and show some sport man ship and type you're congradulations to ME and MY team!! NATIONAL CHAMPS YESSSSS!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

My big famous perdiction f or the Super Bowel is my STEALERS to win the national champion ship verse looser Seatel! I perdict that we will be winning 7 points to 3 at halvetime! And then we will win the big game! Be cause we are so awesome! Take it to the bank and bank on it and count on it it is a fact I garrantee it!!

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