Thursday, May 25, 2006

Davingys Coat = Best movie of all times! I cant wait to see this movvie it gots Forrest Gump onley he has long hair and he goes to Church and snoops around and finds a secret coat that the Jesus use to wear! And the Bad Guys try and stop him! And the point is go to Church or eltse you will go to HELL! That is the seceret of the seceret coat get you ass to Church beffore you end up in HELL with all the other Bad Guys! Dont mess with the Jesus he will mess you up punk! So that is why this movvie is the BEST of all times! FACE FACTS!!!

PS this movvie is so awesome they allready wrote a book about it! And the movvie just onley came out a coupel days ago! Unreal you cant argue with THAT beeyoth! Name another movvie that they written a book about so soon! You cant! You cant argue with THAT because thats FACTS!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

COBY BRYAN IS THE BEST PLAYER OF ALL TIMES!!!! WOW he is awesome! Did you see him win the big game yesterday! He is unreal you cant stop him! He maked a shot at the buzzerd to win the game YESSSS LAKERS RULE BEEYOTHES!!! Cram it Steve Gnash you so overraded HA in you face the REAL MPV is COBY he showed you you stringie hair hippy LOOSER!! LAKERS RULE WE ARE THE KINGS!!!

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