Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hey did you see that!! MY PERDICTION WAS RIGHT AGAIN!!! Tigger Woods WINS AGAIN!! Damn I am good! GITTER DONE!!! YOU ARE ALL PAWNED!!! Why dont none of you ever lissten to me when I tell you what is GONE to happen!! Ever time it does!!! Yo I am da KING!! Me and the Great Tiger Woods RULE!! I am the Tigger Woods of the internets!!!! YESSSS!!!

Yo even though the hackerers are out to get me and against me and trying to get me I will still help you all out with some more notes! The big news is how Lloyd Flandis is a big druggy! He got caught smocking some drugs durring the big bike race the other day! No wander he could petal so fast he was all wassted on drugs! He = a desgrace now! I told you all to not like him be cause he wasent as good as the great Lants Armstrong! Now lookit who was right ME! You all liked a DRUGGY and cheered for him you chumps!!

I knew this Flandis kid was a no good druggy all allong thats why I dident even care about the stupid bike race this year! It is onley looser foreiners what care about racing bikes anyways! Us AMERCANS onley care about racing CARS!!! And cars are way faster then bikes! And louder and stronger and BETTER!! Which shows again how we are NUMBER #1!!! Face facts world you suck and we rule we are the KINGS USA USA USA USA US A USA USA!!! You can try and race you bikes but we will blow right past you in our big fast CARS!! Be cause we RULE!! Bikes!! Hahahahaha!! AMERCA!!! IN YOU FACE BEEYOTHES!!! Dale Junior and Jeff Gorden and all them go WAY faster then you little bikes! BIKES!!! Hahahahah go and ride a TRYKE why dont you!!! Get it trykes are for kids! But it rhyms!

And even in your looser bike racing contest we STILL win! Lloyd Flandis is a Amercan and he kick all you butts all over the bike racing stadium! WHOOO LLOYD FLANDIS BIKE RACER CHAMP OF THE WORLD!!! Too bad he is now a druggy and a desgrace he use to rule! But who cares anyways NO ONE!!!

So you see that proves that AMERCA RULES AND IS NUMBER #1 JUST LIKE ME!!!!

Here are more notes! Foot ball season is comming soon! It is onley like 2 or 3 monthes untell the foot ball starts again! Everone cant wait!

They had the NASZCAR races again last week! That guy won he is pretty good! He drive his car REAL fast! He is a very good driver of cars! Better then you!!

There is nothing much oing on in the sports! Except base ball! When is the all-stars game i allways watch that that one! I seen a comercial for it a while aggo but they dident say when it is! I cant wait for that it will be cool to see the Supperstars of base ball play! Randie Johnsen will probaly pitch verse Rodger Clemmins in that one! Them two are the best pithers of all times pure in simple! Face facts! So the allstars game will be something!

Do you know what really burns my goat I will tell you! Librels! They are so damn DUMB! Why dont they ever shut up! They dont even have half a brain to piss in a pot! Unreal!

They say on the TV that the Britesh OPen is comming up! I think it will be in Englend this year! Tigger Woods will win! I perdict it!! If he has stopped CHOKING like a looser!!

Looks like the Ejiptiens are starting another big war verse the Middle East! Why dont they just go away and leave us allone!

Everone loves the Great Tiler Hicks from Amercan Idle! Which prooves how they were right to pick him to win! I told them to do it! And now its true! Lookit how everone loves him he is so great even though he has all kind of old man looser grey hair he is still populer with the girls! Because he can sing so good! So I was RIGHT again just like I told you!

Looks like the Presdent Georoge "W" Bush swore on TV the other day! Good for him to stop being a pantsy and to stand up for hisself for a change! Maybe now he will tell the Librels to shove it and to go right to hell on a hanbasket and that they should just shut they damn mouthes and that they are full of shi-! Thats what I would do I have NO probalem swaring trust me! REAL men sware we arent scared I use to get sended to the prencipels office ever day just for a few swares! WHO CARES!! NOT ME BUCKO!!

Right now is the borring time with nothing to do exsept get all tore up on 40s down to the 711 parking lot! My freind Dawgfood gots a bottle of takeela and I got a 40 and we gonna get tore up tonite yo! Thats how we roll! And anny store that say No Shirt No Shoe No Servints can CRAM IT!! Its HOT out I am not wearing a gotdamn shirt just be cause of some stupid SIGN!! Do I look like a looser! NO! So no SIGN tells ME what to do!! Cram it sign you can go to hell! You too VJ from 711!! Dont you even know who I am! I am a badass REBBEL I dont wear no shirt when its hot out! Do you want my money or NOT! YA right you know you do!!!

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